Bird Records Committee latest news

There are a number of significant announcements this week from the Bird Records Committee.

Photo: Krista Kaptein

Firstly, BCFO is pleased to welcome to the committee its newest member, Catherine Craig from Revelstoke.

Catherine fills the vacancy on the committee created when Jeremy Gatten completed his terms as a committee member. Thank you, Jeremy, for all your hard work and contributions to the committee’s operation and effective functioning.

For more information about the committee and its make-up follow the link here.

As suggested by the lead photograph above, the latest round of accepted records is also now available. You can navigate via the drop down menu above, or link here for Round 22 Accepted Records

Now available for your rare bird records submissions to the committee is a revised Rare Bird Report Form that enables easy, on-line submissions directly to the BRC.

Also on the same page you will find the latest Review List (with minor revisions), which outlines birds that the committee would like to receive reports on. Of course, in addition to the Review List species, potential new birds for the Provincial List are most welcome.

The BRC Sightings Database has also been updated with both a taxonomically-sorted, and record-number-sorted lists.

Photo: Jeremy Gatten