BCFO Research Grants

BCFO encourages submission of proposals from groups or organisations for financial assistance for bird surveys and other ornithological research. It also wishes to foster greater connections between applicants and the society. Potential applicants are reminded that:

1. Requests for funding must be for planned, rather than completed projects.

2. Projects must be conducted within British Columbia.

3. Under normal circumstances applicants must be members of the BCFO

4. Projects and their results are to be reported in BCFO’s journal, BritishColumbia Birds, or in the newsmagazine, BC Birding

5. In order for BCFO directors to give a timely response to project proposals, deadlines for submission are January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.

6. All reasonable requests up to a $2000 limit, and within the financial strength of the organisation, will be considered. Larger requests require approval at an AGM.

The BCFO Grant Application Guidelines are available here.