Upcoming Events


Compiled by Wayne C. Weber

The following meetings and other events are those that take place in BC and immediately adjacent areas or that potentially include information on birds that occur in BC.

NOTE: Because of the Covid-19 epidemic, many scheduled meetings and events for the next few months have been cancelled, gone virtual, or been postponed. Events which have not yet been cancelled could still be cancelled at a later date. Please be sure to check event websites before you plan to attend or register for any events. Also, note that you will not be able to attend events in the USA until the international border is reopened.

For most meetings, festivals and other events, the website is the main source of information, and registration can usually be accomplished online as well. Wherever information can be obtained through a phone number or e-mail address, we have included these as well; if no contact information is listed, it can be assumed that none was provided by the organization, at least not on the date when this listing was compiled. It is usually not necessary to contact a particular individual, except for scientific meetings when one is interested in making a presentation. Names and contact information for individuals are listed whenever they are available.

For a detailed listing of birding festivals all over North America, please check the Cornell “All About Birds” website at this URL: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/birding-festivals .

June 1-July7– NORTH AMERICAN BREEDING BIRD SURVEY. This long-established program, supervised by the Canadian Wildlife Service and US Fish & Wildlife Service, is for experienced birders who are skilled at identifying birds by songs and calls as well as by sight. It involves running a roadside survey route once every year during June or very early July. There are several “vacant” (i.e., unassigned) routes in various parts of BC. If you are interested, check the Canadian Wildlife Service website at: https://www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/services/bird-surveys/landbird/north-american-breeding/overview.html , which includes further details and has contact information for the CWS staff in charge of the program.

June 11-13–  MANNING PARK BIRD BLITZ, Manning Provincial Park, BC  (based at Loneduck Campground on Lightning Lake). This year’s event will be “Do-it-yourself”; birders are welcome to do a count in a section of the park (assuming that travel restrictions have been lifted), but there will be no organized program. For information and to register, check the website at: http://hopemountain.org/programs/manning-park-bird-blitz-june-11-13-2021/. Inquiries may be made by email to Ashley Tyler at atyler@hopemountain.org or by phone at 604-869-1274.

June 19– First WESTPORT SEABIRDS pelagic birding trip of the summer from Westport, WA.
Westport Seabirds will be operating 20 trips in 2021 from June through October. For the trip schedule and other information, please check the website at http://westportseabirds.com .

further information, please check the BCFO website at https://bcfo.ca/annual-conference-smithers-june-24-26/

Aug. 9-14– 139th STATED MEETING, AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGICAL SOCIETY. This will be an online meeting. For further details, please visit the AOS website at https://americanornithology.org/meetings/annual-meeting/

Sept. 11-12– PUGET SOUND BIRD FESTIVAL, Edmonds, WA. For information and to register (starting Aug. 1). check the festival website at http://www.pugetsoundbirdfest.org , or contact Jennifer Leach at the City of Edmonds Parks Dept. (phone 425-771-0227), or email her at jennifer.leach at edmondswa dot gov .

Sept. 16-20– Joint annual meeting, WASHINGTON ORNITHOLOGICAL SOCIETY and OREGON BIRDING ASSOCIATION, Astoria, Oregon. For further information, check the WOS website at https://wos.org/annual-conference/current-year/ , or the OBA website at https://oregonbirding.org/ .

Nov. 1-5– 28TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE WILDLIFE SOCIETY. This will be a virtual meeting. For information, check the TWS conference page at https://twsconference.org/ .

Dec. 14 to Jan. 5 (2022)– CHRISTMAS BIRD COUNTS. For information on dates of counts and contact information for count organizers, check the BCFO website in November and December, or check the December issue of BC BIRDING.


.Page updated 31 March 2021

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