Upcoming Events


Compiled by Wayne C. Weber, May 2017

The following meetings and other events are those that take place in BC and immediately adjacent areas or that potentially include information on birds that occur in BC. Information on additional meetings is listed in the bimonthly Ornithological Newsletter at  www.birdmeetings.org and on the BIRDNET website at http://www.nmnh.si.edu/BIRDNET/ornith/birdmeet.html .

For most meetings, festivals and other events, the website is the main source of information, and registration can often be accomplished online as well. Wherever information can be obtained through a phone number or e-mail address, we have included these as well; if no contact information is listed, it can be assumed that none was provided by the organization, at least not on the date when this listing was compiled. It is usually not necessary to contact a particular individual, except for scientific meetings when one is interested in making a presentation. Names and contact information for individuals are listed whenever they are available.

June 3–  OKANAGAN MOUNTAIN PARK BIRD BLITZ. This annual survey of the birds of Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park near Kelowna has been held every year since 1993, except for two years after the huge 2003 wildfire. For information or to participate, contact the organizer, Les Gyug, at les_gyug at shaw dot ca , or phone him at (250) 769-5907.

June 9-11–  BC FIELD ORNITHOLOGISTS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, Tumbler Ridge, BC. For details, check the BCFO conference page at https://bcfo.ca/bcfo-agm-tumbler-ridge-2017 .

June 16-18–  MANNING PARK BIRD BLITZ, Manning Provincial Park, BC  (based at Loneduck Campground on Lightning Lake). For information and to register, check the website at http://hopemountain.org/programs/manning-park-bird-blitz-june-16-18-2017 . Inquiries may be made by email to La Vern at lklassen at hopemountain dot org or by phone at 604-869-1274.

June 24–  First WESTPORT SEABIRDS pelagic birding trip of the summer/fall season from Westport, WA. This is the first of 15 trips scheduled from June through October 2016. For information and to sign up for a trip, please visit the Westport Seabirds webpage at http://www.westportseabirds.com .

July 31-Aug. 5–  135TH STATED MEETING OF AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGISTS’ SOCIETY, AND 35TH STATED MEETING, SOCIETY OF CANADIAN ORNITHOLOGISTS, at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI. For further details, to register, or to submit a paper for presentation, please visit the website at http://aossco2017.fw.msu.edu/

Aug. 8-12–  ANNUAL MEETING OF THE WATERBIRD SOCIETY, University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland. For details, check the society website at https://waterbirds.org/annual-meeting

Aug. 16-20–  ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF WESTERN FIELD ORNITHOLOGISTS at Pueblo, Colorado. For further details, check the WFO website at  http://www.westernfieldornithologists.org/conference.php .

Sept. 1-3–  31st ANNUAL OREGON SHOREBIRD FESTIVAL, Charleston, Oregon (near Coos Bay.) Field trips will include a pelagic trip, and featured evening speakers are Noah Strycker and Paul Bannick. Full details not available yet, but check the website of Cape Arago Audubon Society (http://www.capearagoaudubon.org ) after July 1st.

Sept. 15-17–  OREGON BIRDING ASSOCIATION ANNUAL MEETING, at the Malheur Field Station, near Burns, OR. For information and to register, check the OBA website at http://www.orbirds.org/2017annualmeeting.html .

Sept. 15-17–  PUGET SOUND BIRD FESTIVAL, Edmonds, WA. For information and to register (starting Aug. 1). check the festival website at http://www.pugetsoundbirdfest.org  , or contact Jennifer Leach at the City of Edmonds Parks Dept. (phone 425-771-0227), or email her at jennifer.leach at edmondswa dot gov

Sept. 21-23–  FALL GENERAL MEETING, BC NATURE, Vernon, BC, hosted by the North Okanagan Naturalists. Full details not available yet. For information, check the BC Nature website at http://www.bcnature.ca , or contact the office at manager at bcnature dot ca

Sept. 21-25–  WASHINGTON ORNITHOLOGICAL SOCIETY ANNUAL CONFERENCE, Semiahmoo Resort, Blaine, WA. No details posted yet other than the dates and location, but check the WOS website (http://wos.org/annual-conference/current-year ) closer to the conference date for details and to register.

Sept. 23-27–  24TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE WILDLIFE SOCIETY, Albuquerque, NM. For information, check the TWS conference page at http://wildlife.org/learn/conferences-2

Nov. 8-12–  RAPTOR RESEARCH FOUNDATION annual meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah, hosted by HawkWatch International. For information, check the RRF website at http://www.raptorresearchfoundation.org/conferences/upcoming-conferences , or contact the chairperson, Dave Oleyar, by email at dolyar at hawkwatch dot org , or by phone at (206) 972-0163.

Nov. 18-19–  FRASER VALLEY BALD EAGLE FESTIVAL, Harrison Mills, BC. For information, check the festival website at http://fraservalleybaldeaglefestival.ca , send an email to info at fraservalleybaldeaglefestival dot ca , phone 604-826-7361, or write the Mission Chamber of Commerce, 34033 Lougheed Highway, Mission, BC V2V 5X8.

Dec. 14 to Jan. 5 (2018)–  CHRISTMAS BIRD COUNTS. For information on dates of counts and contact information for count organizers, check the BCFO website in November and December, or check the December issue of BC BIRDING.


Page updated 17 May 2017

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