BRC Round 7 Accepted Records, March 2015

Note: Rare bird reports and submissions, along with documentation and with photographs where available, are circulated to all committee members for written response in advance. During the subsequent conference call, and after all written responses have been circulated, each submission is discussed in detail. Recommendations are made by consensus.

A total of 10 submissions involving 8 species were discussed by the BRC during its March 2015 conference call.

A full account of all the decisions made by the committee, including records not accepted, will be published in an upcoming issue of our journal British Columbia Birds.

 The following species were accepted to the Main Provincial List:

ASH-TROATED FLYCATCHER (Mackenzie Nature Observatory Banding Station – 28 August 2008)
BCBRC#2015–012 Ken Burton, James Bradley

ATFL James Bradley have permissionDDSC01565

Photo: James Bradley

BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER (Beacon Hill Park, Victoria – 01-04 November 2014)
BCBRC#2015–013 Ian Cruickshank

Blackburnian_3_ Beacon Hill Park Victoria Nov 1 2014_D Donnecke

Photo: Daniel Donnecke

CHESTNUT-COLLARED LONGSPUR (Cattle Point, Oak Bay – 24-25 October 2013)
BCBRC#2015–014 Aziza Cooper

CCLO_1_Cattle Pt Oct 25 2013_Aziza Cooper

Photo: Aziza Cooper

ICELAND GULL (Esquimalt Lagoon – 18 December 2010 to 26 March 2011)
BCBRC#2015–015 Val George

ICGU_3_ Esquimalt Lagoon Dec 21 2010_Ian C

Photo: Ian Cruickshank

Additional, high quality photos of the Iceland Gull are found here:

DICKCISSEL (Swanwick Road, Metchosin – 02 October 2013)
BCBRC#2015–016 Ian Cruickshank

DICK_2_Swanwick Rd Metchosin Oct 2 2013_Ian C

Photo: Ian Cruickshank

LESSER SAND-PLOVER (Boundary Bay, 104th to 112th Street, Delta – 12-17 July 2007)
BCBRC#2015–017 Carlo Giovanella

Lesser Sand-Plover_Ilya Povalyaev_13Jul2007

Photo: Ilya Povalyaev

RED-THROATED PIPIT (Martindale Flats, Saanich – 09-11 May 2010)
BCBRC#2015–018 Mike Bentley

RTPI_3_Martindale May 11 2010_Ian C

Photo: Ian Cruickshank

RED-THROATED PIPIT (Rocky Point Bird Observatory – 08 October 2013)
BCBRC#2015–019 Ian Cruickshank

SNOWY PLOVER (Wickanninish Beach, Tofino – 18 December 2014)
BCBRC#2015–021 Robin Kite

SNPL_Tofino_Robin Kite-1

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