Membership Categories

Annual $30.00
Junior (< 18 yr) $20.00
US & International US$35.00
Annual $42.00 (Includes mailed hardcopy of our quarterly newsmagazine BC Birding)

Note: All memberships are family memberships. Memberships include  subscriptions to our quarterly newsmagazine, BC Birding, available via our website. Our annual journal, British Columbia Birds, is mailed to you in hard copy.

However, you have some options. You may opt to receive mailed, printed copies of our newsmagazine BC Birding for a $12.00 surcharge to cover printing and postage.

In addition, if you prefer to go paperless you may opt to access our journal British Columbia Birds via download from the Members area on the website.

Please use the checkboxes in the membership information section below to indicate your choices.


To renew your membership via PayPal or credit card simply click on the appropriate PayPal button below and complete the transaction. If your contact information is unchanged, we do not need additional information from you.

However, any changes to your contact information should be entered into the Membership Information Section below. Be sure to select “renewal” at the top of the form.

Annual $30.00
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Junior $20.00
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International US$35.00
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Annual $42.00 (Incl. mailed hard copy of BC Birding)
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If renewing by regular mail, please see below under Paying by Cheque.

All membership renewals will be acknowledged by email.

New Memberships

To join BCFO using PayPal or credit card, please complete the Application Form below, submit, and then make your payment via the applicable Paypal button above.

Membership Information Section

To join or to renew your membership via regular mail, please make cheques payable to B.C. Field Ornithologists and mail to:

British Columbia Field Ornithologistsbcfo-logo
P.O. Box 45111 Dunbar
Vancouver, B.C.
V6S 2M8

New members joining by mail, please enclose a completed membership form along with your cheque.

PRIVACY CODE: BC Field Ornithologists (BCFO) collects personal information for membership records as required by the Society Act RSBC Chap. 433. This information is provided to members in good standing. Membership information will not be used by BCFO for commercial purposes, and membership information is provided to members on the understanding that it can only be used for personal communication. BCFO encourages members to allow publication, as membership lists are valued for their communication value.

4 responses to “Join/Renew

  1. I am a member of Rocky Mountain Naturalists living in Kimberley. I am interested in attending your conference. Just wondering what the rate would be to just attend the conference and outings and when will the schedule be available.

    • Jackie, we haven’t got all the details finalized as yet, but the cost of the AGM, including food and field trips, will be around $170 + or -.

      We are also working on the details of the optional Extension Trip to Southern Alberta, which will be an extra cost.

      Membership in BCFO is required.

      We’d love to see you at the Conference.

  2. Finally figured out that the pay pal information did not come up on this page because my ad blocker was active just for this specific page.

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