BC Bird Records Committee Sightings Database

The BC Bird Records Committee (BRC) has received many requests for an easily searched database of bird records that details all records that have been submitted to the BRC and provides an easy reference to past committee decisions.

The database is now largely completed, and the committee is currently exploring various display options. As an interim measure, we are happy to present a draft version of the database sorted taxonomically, but not including all the fields that will be made available later.

In the version available below,  you will find dates and locations of each reviewed record, plus the committee’s decision, and in some cases additional notes of relevance. Future versions will include observer names for accepted records and more details of the sightings. Future published versions of the database will also be sorted by record number for easy cross-reference to the taxonomic sort version.

Of course, the BRC is constantly reviewing bird records, making these databases out-of-date as soon as published. Now that the structure of the database is in place, it will be updated regularly to reflect the most recent decisions by the BRC.

In the meantime, please let us know if there are ways that you feel this database could be improved, if you notice any errors, or if you have records to submit that haven’t yet been reviewed.

The BRC would especially like to acknowledge and thank Michael Force for his many hours spent creating and refining this database, including incorporating all the reviewed records from the original committee in the 1990s.

 Draft BCBRC sightings database (taxonomic sort) pdf document