Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Statement on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Birding is an activity that everyone has the right to enjoy without fear of violence, intimidation, harassment, threats, or discrimination of any kind. However, BCFO fully acknowledges that discrimination, harassment and attacks based on race, place of origin, sexual and gender identities, religious beliefs, and differing abilities continue to this day. We also acknowledge that bias, unintentional and otherwise, may exist within the organization and its membership. The BCFO Board of Directors has heard that actions, or inactions, by BCFO have inadvertently created institutional barriers, especially for 2SLGBTQI+, Indigenous Peoples, and racialized communities. BCFO strongly condemns all acts of discrimination, and is committed to continuously improve as an organization, to foster a safe, accessible and inclusive space for everyone, and to stand in solidarity with all those working towards those goals.

BCFO’s Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

BCFO strongly believes in the rights that under-represented communities have to enjoy nature with safety, dignity and respect. We also believe that a diverse and inclusive membership leads to greater outcomes for all birders. We are committed to identifying and removing institutional barriers to participation in BCFO and its activities. We also acknowledge that this process is dynamic and ongoing.

Initial commitments by BCFO include:

  1. Developing an EDI committee, not limited to BCFO members, comprised at least in part (and ideally in majority) of individuals from under-represented communities to directly inform the board on removing barriers and creating respectful paths forward.
  2. Compiling resources to support and encourage all members to educate themselves on harassment and discrimination that exists within the BC birding community and within a broader societal context.
  3. Developing a BCFO Code of Conduct

The above list is not intended to be exclusive or exhaustive, and will be built upon over time, and with collaboration from affected communities. Input from the BC birding community, including interest in developing an EDI committee, is welcomed and can be sent to diversity@bcfo.ca