Officers & Directors

BCFO Officers and Directors 2016 – 2017

President Mike McGrenere 250-658-8624
Vice President & Membership Larry Cowan 604-465-1402
Secretary Marian Porter 250-653-2043
Treasurer Mike Fung 604-266-0238
Board of Directors
Larry Cowan 604-465-1402
Mike Fung 604-266-0238
Jude Grass 604-538-8774
Clive Keen 250-963-9520
Adrian Leather 250-249-5561
Art Martell 250-334-2979
Mike McGrenere 250-658-8624
Monica Nugent 604-220-8816
Marian Porter 250-653-2043
Immediate Past-President George Clulow  604-438-7639
Responsibilities & Representatives
AGM Planning 2017 planning committee TBA
Archivist Les Gyug 250-769-5907
BC Birding (Newsmagazine) Editor Clive Keen 250 963 9520
BC Breeding Bird Atlas George Clulow 604-438-7639
BC Birds (Journal) Editor Art Martell 250-334-2979
Bird Records Committee Chair Nathan Hentze 250-479-2557
Canadian Int’l Joint Venture Wayne Weber 604-597-7201
Cannings Award Committee Chair Wayne Weber 604-597-7201
Featured Photographer
Young Birders Award
Carlo Giovanella 604-574-5766
Librarian Andy Buhler 250-260-7823
 Website George Clulow
Neil Dawe
Young Birders Program Melissa Hafting


Page last updated 09 February 2017

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