BRC Round 12 and Additional Round 10 Accepted Records, February 2016

Note: Rare bird reports and submissions, along with documentation and with photographs where available, are circulated to all committee members for written response in advance. During the subsequent conference call, and after all written responses have been circulated, each submission is discussed in detail. Recommendations are made by consensus.

A total of 14 submissions involving 11 species were reviewed through written submissions for Rounds 11 and 12.

Accepted records for Round 12 are published here. Round 11 accepted records will be published here shortly.

Following additional research and further discussion, two additional Round 10 species were accepted, one to the Main Provincial List, the other to the Provisional List.

A full account of all the decisions made by the committee, including records not accepted, will be published in an upcoming issue of our journal British Columbia Birds.

 The following species were accepted to the Main Provincial List:

Round 12

Brown Booby (11 October 2015 – Sooke)
BCBRC#2016–007 Cathy Carlson

Brown Booby_Carlson_Sooke1

Photo: Cathy Carlson

Brown Booby – (28-30 August 2015 – Knight Inlet)
BCBRC#2016–008 Derek Kyostia

126 06.694 W, 50 39.854 N

Photo: Derek Kyostia

Chestnut-sided Warbler (17 Sep. 2015 – Castlegar)
BCBRC#2016–010 Craig Sandvig


Photo: Craig Sandvig

White-faced Ibis (13 May – 19 May, 2015 – Separation Lake, nr. Kamloops)
BCBRC#2016–012 Chris Chutter

Photo: Len Jellicoe

Photo: Len Jellicoe

SIBERIAN ACCENTOR (03 January – 20 January, 2016 – Surrey)
BCBRC#2016–014 George Clulow, Mandy Lu

TabakSiberian Accentor 2

Photo: Mike Tabak.

Round 10

SPOTTED REDSHANK (24 April 2015 – Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary, Masset, Haida Gwaii)
BCBRC #2015–049 Peter Hamel, Margo Hearne

Spotted Redshank_Margo Hearne1

Photo: Margo Hearne

The following species was accepted to the Provisional List:

Round 10

LEAST AUKLET (4 May 2015 – Skidegate Inlet, Haida Gwaii)
BCBRC #2015–51 Margo Hearne, Peter Hamel
Written submission; no physical evidence provided