BRC Round 8 Accepted Records, July 2015

Note: Rare bird reports and submissions, along with documentation and with photographs where available, are circulated to all committee members for written response in advance. During the subsequent conference call, and after all written responses have been circulated, each submission is discussed in detail. Recommendations are made by consensus.

A total of 10 submissions involving 9 species were reviewed through written submissions for Round 8.  However, because of busy field seasons BRC members did not schedule a conference call to discuss this set of records. The accepted records shown here were unanimously accepted by committee members.

A full account of all the decisions made by the committee, including records not accepted, will be published in an upcoming issue of our journal British Columbia Birds.

 The following species were accepted to the Main Provincial List:

ACORN WOODPECKER – (Cedar Hill Golf Course, Saanich – 08 – 26 Nov. 2014)
BCBRC#2015–022 Klaus Emmaneel

ACWO_Victoria_Nov. 2014_Klaus Emmaneel

Photo: Klaus Emmaneel

BRISTLE-THIGHED CURLEW – (Long Beach – 24-27 June 2010)
BCBRC#2015–023 Daryl Johnson

Photo: Adrian Dorst

Photo: Adrian Dorst

PRAIRIE WARBLER – (28 Sept – 03 Oct, 2009 – Tofino)
BCBRC#2015–024 Adrian Dorst

Photo: Adrian Dorst

Photo: Adrian Dorst

SNOWY EGRET – (19 – 23 May 2011 – Jensen’s Bay, Tofino)
BCBRC#2015–026 Ralph Crombie

Snowy Egret with Great Egret, May 20 to 23, 2011, Tofino, BC (2)

Snowy Egret with Great Egret. Photo: Adrian Dorst

FERRUGINOUS HAWK – (01 – 10 Sept. 2006 – Separation Lake, south of Kamloops)
BCBRC#2015–027 Chris Charlesworth

Photo: Chris Charlesworth

Photo: Chris Charlesworth

GREAT SHEARWATER – (05 Sept. 2013 – Hecate Strait, coordinates 52˚ 36.3N – 130˚ 34.3W)
BCBRC#2015–028 Jared Towers


Photo: Jared Towers

ICELAND GULL – (11 March 2015 – Kelowna)
BCBRC#2015–029 Chris Charlesworth, Ryan Tomlinson

Iceland Gull. Kelowna, Mar 11. Ryan Tomlinson

Photo: Ryan Tomlinson

[wpvideo 1GPDQqGN]
Video: Chris Charlesworth

ICELAND GULL – (04 March 2000 – Kelowna)
BCBRC#2015–030 Chris Charlesworth (no photo)


LITTLE STINT – (03 – 09 Sept, 2014 – Sidney)
BCBRC#2015–o31 James Bradley

Photo: James Bradley

Photo: James Bradley

Photo: Daniel Donnecke

Photo: Daniel Donnecke

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