BCFO Bird Records Committee Vacancy

Membership Vacancy – BCFO Bird Records Committee

Needed – One (1) individual to serve as a participatory member of the Bird Records Committee (BRC).

Duration – We are seeking an individual who is willing to commit to a three-year term, beginning March 1, 2015. As per BRC operating guidelines, up to two consecutive terms may be served, for a total of six years. Renewal for a second term is optional and subject to BRC approval. Members may not sit for more than two-consecutive terms before taking a mandatory one-year absence. Following this absence, individuals may be re-nominated for additional terms, and placed in the candidate pool for available positions. Monthly time-commitments vary, but candidates should be willing to put in ten (non-consecutive) hours.

Qualifications – Candidates should be knowledgeable on bird identification and distribution of all bird species in the province, as well as familiar with the identification and distribution of avian taxa from the remainder of North America including Mexico, and East Asia. Preferred candidates will have first-hand experience with the majority of species that may be reported (see the current Review List). In addition to field experience, candidates should have access to sufficient resources (e.g., books, web resources) to provide critical, independent commentary and evaluations of bird records by set deadlines. Knowledge of aging and sexing of birds is a plus.

Candidates must be courteous and respectful of fellow committee members and to individuals whose records are being reviewed, including confidentiality of observer names and committee discourse. Previous experience with committees is beneficial, but not mandatory; however, candidates must be able to work effectively in a committee operating on a consensus framework.

In addition to birding experience, candidates must be able to reliably communicate electronically. This includes frequent and reliable access to the internet and the ability to email, Skype, and send/receive files in MS Word and MS Excel formats.

Prior membership to BCFO is not a requirement, but non-members are expected to join the organization. All BRC members are expected to maintain their membership to BCFO in good standing for the duration of their tenure. Candidates should reside in British Columbia for the majority of each calendar year for which they are serving.

The committee strives to maintain representation of the entire provincial birding community by selecting members from varied regions of the province. While all candidates will be considered for the current position, preference will be given to birders from areas outside of the south coast (Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland). To further ensure that the committee is representative of the provincial birding community, women are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to apply: You may nominate yourself or someone else who you believe is qualified. All nominations should be sent electronically to Nathan Hentze, Chairperson of the BRC, at nathan.hentze@gmail.com. In the email include a brief description of your qualifications, or, if nominating someone else, highlight why you think that person would fit well on the committee. Make sure to include your full name and contact information (email address and/or phone number), or the full name and contact information of the nominee. All information should appear in the body of the email; formal cover letters, CVs, etc., are not required.

Please apply as soon as possible, and preferably by February 25. The position will remain open until filled.

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