British Columbia Birds – In Press article

The following In press paper from British Columbia Birds is now available on the BCFO Member’s area of the web site:

Dawe, N.K., W.S. Boyd, T. Martin, S. Anderson and M. Wright. Significant marsh primary production is being lost from the Campbell River estuary: another case of too many resident Canada Geese (Branta canadensis)?

Notice: Lillooet Field Trip full

Please note the pre-conference two-day field trip for members to Lillooet scheduled for June 12 – 13 is now full and unable to accept additional registrations.

AGM and post-conference extension trip bookings continue to be open.


BC Birding, Young Birder Awards & AGM details

BCBirdingCoverMar2014The latest issue of BC Birding is available for reading or downloading in the Members’ Area. Our first issue of 2014 is a bumper edition of 48 pages, filled with news, and information and articles about birds and birding from the latest scientific findings, to the listing reports of our members, and many things in-between. I’ll think you’ll find ample reasons between its covers to explain the name change of BC Birding from Newsletter to NewsMagazine.

Details of the AGM, extension trip and registration forms are available for download in the Annual Conference area under the Events tab above, plus you’ll find them inside the NewsMagazine. Get your registrations in soon; we’re looking forward to seeing everyone in Pemberton.

Also in BC Birding you will find the announcement of the inaugural recipients of the BCFO Young Birder Awards. As this new award is of interest to the wider birding community in addition to BCFO members, we are reproducing the article here to give these great young birders they recognition they deserve.

Announcing the BC Young Birder Award 2014 Recipients

BCFO is pleased to announce the inaugural recipients of the newly established BC Young Birder Award that welcomes talented young birders into the BC birding community and recognises their accomplishments, contributions to, and engagement with birds and birding in the province.

To be selected for a BC Young Birder Award, recipients must be 16 or under and have:

•        exceptional observational and birding skills well beyond the ’novice’ level

•        shown substantive engagement in the activities of the birding community
•        though their accomplishments, participation, and contributions

•        been nominated and seconded by BCFO members

In alphabetical order, the 2014 recipients are:

Khalid Boudreau

Khalid BoudreauKhalid is a grade 9 student from Burnaby who has impressive field identification skills. His facility for making correct identifications for difficult, confusing, and challenging species is exceptional for his age. He is also a very careful observer, and because he reads widely in the literature he knows when he sees something important. In the summer of 2012 while vacationing in the Chilcotin on Puntzi Lake, Khalid recognized the significance of his observation of unfledged young pelicans on a small island in the lake. He had made a significant discovery: the hitherto unknown second breeding location for American White Pelicans in BC. Khalid is also a BC Coastal Waterbird Survey participant.

Liron Gertsman

Liron Gertzman 2013.10.13Liron, 13, lives in Vancouver where he has been birding since age 6. He says he has “been into nature pretty much since I could talk”. An avid poster to several of our local birding forums, including “Birding in BC,” he has posted over 800 items to date. Many of these are presentations of his bird photography, and others are responses to queries about bird IDs or advice on finding certain birds in the area. Liron’s photos are not just a series of images, but always have informative accompanying text. Since the end of 2011 he has regularly entered sightings into eBird, and has submitted over 328 checklists, including the 100th million eBird submission, for which he was widely acknowledged and interviewed. He has been a very active volunteer for the Stanley Park Ecological Society for the past three years, participating in several types of bird surveys and making short presentations.

Logan Lalonde

At age 13 Logan has already established himself as an active and familiar face in the Okanagan birding scene. He is well known for his sharp eyes, keen ears, and constant bird-related questions. Logan submitted close to 300 eBird checklists in 2013, and is a frequent poster on “Birding in BC”. He regularly summarizes and posts on the birding activities of the Central Okanagan Naturalist Club and shares birding stories and photos from his local patch on his personal blog. An avid amateur nature photographer, he is one of the most active birders in the Okanagan, spending hours in the field each week.

Congratulations Logan, Liron and Khalid.

Each recipient receives complimentary membership in BCFO until age 16, and a formal plaque in recognition of their achievement.

Print copies have been mailed to members who have paid the supplement for non-electronic copies

Rusty Blackbird Spring Migration Blitz

rubl_logo13The International Rusty Blackbird Working Group has asked us to get the word out to birders about their Spring Migration Blitz. The blitz is attempting to better understand the spring migration of Rusty Blackbirds, which, as you know have experienced a catastrophic, continent-wide population decline.

RUBL_BbyLkThe Rusty Blackbird Spring Migration Blitz challenges birders to scour the landscape for Rusty Blackbirds during the birds’ northward migration.  38 states, 9 provinces, and 3 territories will participate in this international effort to find Rusty Blackbirds; each region is assigned a set of target dates during which local birders will seek this elusive species.  It’s easy to participate – bird as you normally do during the province’s target dates, and submit data to eBird using the “Rusty Blackbird Spring Migration Blitz” observation type.

Interested in learning more about Rusty Blackbirds, or want to learn more about the province’s Blitz efforts?  Use the Migration Blitz website to find out the target dates for this region, learn more about Rusty Blackbird identification, and get more details about Blitz data collection and submission.

Also, follow the IRBWG on Facebook for the most up-to-date information about the Blitz:

BCFO Featured Photographer #5 – Jo Ann MacKenzie

We are delighted to present Jo Ann MacKenzie as our first Featured Photographer of 2014.

Jo Ann is well known to birders throughout the Lower Mainland, the Province, and across Canada. Like many of us, Jo Ann has found a whole new dimension to her passion for identifying, listing, and watching birds by taking photographs of them too.

Use the drop-down menu above under Features to view Jo Ann’s work.

Bird Records Committee – January 2014 Reviews

The second set of reviews for the recently re-established BCFO Bird Records Committee is now available under the BRC – Public tab above. Or, you may click here to go directly to the page.

Please check out the latest reviews, and leave us a comment to tell us how we’re doing.

The State of Canada’s Birds

The Beatty Biodiversity Museum is offering a Free Public Lecture presented by BCFO member, noted ornithologist and author Dick Cannings.

Check out the poster below for more information.

To register for your free tickets click here.

Pemberton AGM Pre- and Post-Conference Trips


This year’s BCFO AGM in Pemberton (June 13th – 15th) is going to be a great weekend in its own right, but we’ve also lined up some fantastic optional birding opportunities for members both before and after the conference weekend.


Gwyneth Lake, Hurley Pass Road

Extension Trip 2014

This year’s three-day Extension Trip, lead by Rick Howie will be focus on the grassland and higher elevation forest birds of Rick’s Kamloops home turf. Leaving Pemberton after lunch on Sunday, June 15th, participants will make their way to Kamloops, with a stop en-route for some Hat Creek birding. The extension will shift into high gear early Monday morning as daily excursions to key habitats start and return to our hotel “base camp” in Kamloops.

Provisional target species for the extension include: Flammulated and Boreal Owls, Boreal Chickadees, Swainson’s Hawks, Long-billed Curlews, Chukar, Lewis’s Woodpeckers, and Horned Larks. Participants will also have reasonable chances to see American White Pelicans, Northern Hawk and Great Gray Owls, Williamson’s Sapsuckers, Rock and Canyon Wrens, and Prairie Falcons.

Transportation will be car-pooling. Full details of the extension, including costs, hotels, and registration forms will be published in the March issue of BC Birding.

Sharp-tailed Grouse Jellicoe

Sharp-tailed Grouse, Lac DuBois grasslands. Although lekking is over by June, a few stragglers may be still be around for the Extension Trip.
Photo: Len Jellicoe

Pre-Conference Two-Day Field Trip

Lillooet will be the destination for members who wish to enjoy some excellent birding before the conference. A two day field trip will be offered for June 12th and 13th as one of our 2014 scheduled Two-Day Field Trips for Members.

BCFO members know from our 2007 AGM that Lillooet is an amazing place to go birding. Many of us who missed that opportunity won’t want to miss out in 2014. Hoped for species include: Dusky Grouse, Western Screech-Owls, Red-naped Sapsuckers, White-throated Swifts, Long-billed Curlews, and Rock Wrens. The trip will wrap-up early afternoon on the 13th, giving everyone plenty of time to drive to Pemberton for the AGM opening Meet and Greet.

Full details and registration forms for the AGM, and both trips will be published in the March issue of BC Birding.

BC Birding – December, 2013 issue

The December 2013 issue of our BC Birding newsletter is now available in the Members Area for your holiday season enjoyment. You may read the issue online, or download a copy for your reading pleasure.

As you’ve come to expect of our newsletter, this issue is crammed with fascinating articles on birds, birding travel, great photographs, and announcements of upcoming birding events, including confirmation that our 2014 AGM will take place in Pemberton.


Bird Records Committee up and running

Finally, we’re off to the races with the long-awaited restart of the BCFO Bird Records Committee.

We’ve got a great group serving on the committee, and the first set of reviews are up for all to see, along with an initial set of operating principles.

Use the drop-down menu under the BRC tab, and select BRC-Public.

Enjoy our latest endeavour, and let us know what you think.