East Sooke Hawkwatch – September 26 – 27

TUVUsExpect large kettles of Turkey Vultures on this two-day trip.

Notice of this Two-Day Field Trip for Members was published back in April, but we’ve heard that a number of members may have missed or overlooked the opportunity to sign up for this exciting trip.

Leader Dave Aldcroft has offered to open an additional ten places. If you’d like to join the ten hawkwatchers already booked, reserve your place with Dave at the email address below – first come, first served.

Here’s the original notice:

East Sooke Hawkwatch
September 26 – 27
Day 1 will focus on the Hawkwatch in East Sooke Park. A total of 14 species of raptors can be seen during fall migration, including Broad-winged Hawk, which is on many people’s wish lists. No guarantees, but we’ll give it a shot. Turkey Vulture kettles of up to 1000 birds are a spectacle, and good numbers of Red-tails, Cooper’s and Sharpies are also common.
Day 2 will visit Victoria area hotspots and a search for Skylarks if required. The order of the days may be reversed to offer the best opportunity from the hawkwatch site.
Leader: Dave Aldcroft
Email: dsaldcroft@shaw.ca
Tel: 250 743 3487

How the Trips Work
BCFO two-day field trips are member-led, but participants make their own arrangements for accommodation, food, and travel.
Day 1: am birding; pm birding, evening get together (see below).
Day 2: am birding, pm optional birding.
Carpooling is encouraged, and for the 2 days’ birding will be arranged on the morning of Day 1.
Register in advance
Important: Register at least two weeks in advance. Email or phone the trip leader with names and numbers of participants. The leader will give specific details of when and where to meet.
If needed, additional leaders may be recruited to keep group sizes small.
Cost per two-day event
Members:     $10.00 per person
Non-members:    $40.00* incl. BCFO membership. BCFO general memberships are family memberships.

Priority booking will be given to members. Should the trip fill up, non-members will be placed on a waitlist.

The Social Side
At the end of Day 1, where possible, leaders will make arrangements for participants to meet for dinner at a nearby restaurant to recap the day, tally species seen, and confirm arrangements for Day 2.

British Columbia Birds – In Press article

The following In press papers from British Columbia Birds are now available on the BCFO Member’s area of the web site:

Sealy, S.G. 2016. The Reverend John H. Keen’s observations of birds and unpublished list from the Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii), British Columbia, 1890–1899.

Sealy, S.G. 2016. Significance of the bird specimens collected by the Reverend John H. Keen on the Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii) and at Metlakatla, British Columbia, 1890–1914.

Announcing BCFO 2016 AGM – Cranbrook

Next year we’ll be heading to the East Kootenay and the City of Cranbrook – May 27th, 28th, 29th, 2016. Mark your calendars!

Located in the Rocky Mountain Trench, Cranbrook sits between the Rockies to the east, and the Columbia and Purcell Mountains to the west. With the Columbia River flowing in the valley bottom, the huge diversity of habitats here offers a fabulous variety of birds. Extensive wetlands, grasslands and open forests, along with mountain habitats at various elevations will ensure memorable birding in the East Kootenay.


Canal Flats wetlands, north of Cranbrook.
Photo: PictureBC, BC Gov Photos

The Rocky Mountain Naturalists are our partners in Cranbrook and have the detailed local knowledge needed to make the venue a birding success. We’re already working with them to plan a full roster of AGM field trips you will not want to miss.

We’re also doing prep work on our pre-conference 2-day field trip – likely the Creston Valley, and the post-conference extension targeting Southern Alberta. Stay tuned!

For preliminary information about the location of the AGM and accommodations, check the Events tab above or the link here.

BCFO Featured Photographer #11 – Clive Keen

BCFO is pleased to announce the eleventh entry in our continuing series of Featured Photographers.  Readers of ‘Birding in BC’ will recognize Clive Keen as our ‘Reflective Birder’ from his many insightful essays under that title.  As you will see, in addition to his reflecting, Clive is also quite handy with a camera.

To view Clive’s work, use the “Features” drop-down menu above, or the link here.

The ‘Featured Photographer Series’ presents the work of BCFO members who photograph wild birds in BC.

Bird Records Committee – July 2015 Accepted Records

The latest set (Round 8) of accepted records of the BCFO Bird Records Committee is now posted in BRC Public under the BRC drop-down menu above.

A full report of all the committee’s Round 8 deliberations will be published in an upcoming issue of BCFO’s journal, British Columbia Birds.

Also note that the recently published BCFO Rare Bird Report Form and the Provincial Review List are also under the same drop-down menu. Submissions of rare bird sightings in British Columbia are invited and encouraged.

Photo: Adrian Dorst

Photo: Adrian Dorst




BC Breeding Bird Atlas First Installment Now Online


The first installment of the British Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas is available online here.

As sections of the Atlas are completed and translated, they are being published online, and made available to everyone  – one big advantage of digital publication.

Work continues on the remainder of the species accounts, which will be published in additional sections as they are completed.

BCFO has been a continuing supporter of the Atlas since its inception. To see this hugely important work of so many volunteers and supporters made available publicly is very rewarding for all.

Below is the letter from Bird Studies Canada’s Pete Davidson giving more details of the publication and some of the big picture findings. Either read it here or click on either page to download.

BC Atlas announcement 1 July 2015-1 BC Atlas announcement 1 July 2015 2-2

British Columbia Birds – In Press article

The following In press paper from British Columbia Birds is now available on the BCFO Member’s area of the web site:

McKenzie, C. 2016. First record of a Red-flanked Bluetail for Canada.

BC Birding – June 2015 edition

BC Birding Jun 2015 Cover

The latest edition of our newsmagazine BC Birding is now available for download or reading on-line in the members area above.

As usual it is packed with information for your enjoyment: trip reports of 115 species seen during the recent Cache Creek/Spences Bridge two-day trip, Mike Church’s summaries of fascinating findings from ornithological research, Clive Keen’s reflections on birding, the Provincial Rare Bird sightings report from Chris Charlesworth, and much more.

British Columbia Birds – In Press article

The following In press paper from British Columbia Birds is now available on the BCFO Member’s area of the web site:

Carter, H. R. 2016. Nesting of Double-crested Cormorants and other seabirds at the Ballingall Islets, British Columbia, in 1933–1936.

BCFO Featured Photographer #10 – Brian Stech

BCFO is once again proud to present another entry (#10) to our ‘Featured Photographer Series’. Brian Stech is a well-known, long-time, Lower Mainland birder who has added a camera to his arsenal with some impressive results. His subjects presented here range from one of the very rarest BC birds of the century to the commonest of the common. To view Brian’s work, use the “Features” drop-down menu above, or the link here.

The Featured Photographer Series presents the work of BCFO members who photograph wild birds in BC.