Zoom Presentations 2021/2022 Announcement

Last year’s Zoom presentations for members, focusing on birds and birding travel, proved very popular and were fully subscribed by BCFO members.

Registration details for upcoming Zoom presentations will appear in your inboxes one week prior to each presentation.

Under the Events tab above, pages are now open for you to preview the upcoming season. The three pages will give you: an overview of the series, details of the next three presentations, and the opportunity to suggest topics for future presentations, or to offer your own.  You may also follow the links below.



Suggestions and offers to present

This year’s series will be given a flying start in Botswana and the Okavango Delta with Kevin Neil.

Carmine Bee-eater. Photo: Kevin Neil.

We’ll then zoom down to Argentina with Lee Harding.

Chilean Flamingo. Photo: Lee Harding

And our third presentation of the new season will bring us back home with Les Gyug for a detailed look at Williamson’s Sapsucker in British Columbia.

Photo: Les Gyug