June Ryder and Michael Church – valued volunteers

Putting together the quarterly newsmagazine is a complicated and time-consuming job. Editors and authors get recognition in the newsmagazine, but some of the behind-the-scenes volunteers do not. June Ryder and Michael Church are two of these people.

Four times a year, these two dedicated volunteers take on the responsibility of ensuring that newsmagazines are mailed to members. First the printed copies are collected from the printers on West Broadway; then they are put into individual envelopes before being taken to the post office for mailing to members.

In 2011, June handled both the editor’s duties and the distribution. In 2015 when Clive Keen assumed the role of editor, June graciously agreed to continue with the distribution. Michael has been assisting with these duties. In addition, Michael is a regular contributor to the newsmagazine with his column, ‘Briefings’. After 10 years of service to the BCFO, June is moving on and is relinquishing the duties of newsmagazine distribution.

The BCFO Board of Directors wishes to offer our heartfelt thanks to June and Michael for their generous commitment of time to our organization. We wish them well!