BCFO Featured Photographer #5 – Jo Ann MacKenzie

We are delighted to present Jo Ann MacKenzie as our first Featured Photographer of 2014.

Jo Ann is well known to birders throughout the Lower Mainland, the Province, and across Canada. Like many of us, Jo Ann has found a whole new dimension to her passion for identifying, listing, and watching birds by taking photographs of them too.

Use the drop-down menu above under Features to view Jo Ann’s work.

One thought on “BCFO Featured Photographer #5 – Jo Ann MacKenzie

  1. Hello,
    I’m trying to put an evening of bird talks together for May 10, World Migratory Bird Day in Tsawwassen; all the people I know who do presentations are either already busy or are going away – would you know a couple of experts who could do a talk on Migration, Tourism etc. with photos, of course
    thanks for getting back to me – Ursula

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