BCFO Featured Photographer #16

BCFO Featured Photographer #16 – Liron Gertsman

Liron was one of the recipients of our inaugural round of ‘Young Birder Awards’ and is the first of them to present his images as a ‘Featured Photographer’. Liron is a classic example of the new breed of avian-oriented naturalists who have developed their birding and camera skills hand-in-hand. His photographic achievements to date include: two personal showings of his work at Vancouver galleries; providing instructional photo sessions in the field at Boundary Bay; and two of his photos were selected in the ‘Top 100’ submissions for the 2015 National Audubon Photographic Awards – all this before he was old enough to get his driver’s licence. View some of his best images here.

11 - Concealed_Short-eared Owl

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