African Birdlife: Insights into Migrations, & Their Life Stories

Zoom presentation Wednesday, 17th January 2024

Ruppell’s Vulture: photo by Simon Thomsett

Reminder for BCFO members: The next in our very popular series of birding presentations will take place on Wednesday, January 17th. Please join Timothy Jackson for this stimulating, thought-provoking presentation on African Birdlife .

Timothy Jackson is a partner of Jackson’s African Safaris (Pty) Ltd , a South African based and registered safari company. He has been at his safari company full time since 2007. He spends time leading tours each year and the rest of the time at home in Nelson, B.C. Canada, planning tours for his guests.

Timothy started his love of Africa and nature as a child growing up in rural England, spending hours feeding and watching wild birds from a very early age. When he was 7, Robin & Pat Morgan retired next door from Kenya having farmed in the Kenyan Highlands and led safaris throughout Eastern Africa. This connection started the ‘safari bug’ for Timothy that has now become a way of life.

His presentation will cover African Birdlife: Insights into Migrations & Their Life Stories. Timothy has created a collection of images, ideas, stories and shared research, to create an opportunity for us to ask questions, and consider new ways of looking at things that we see and observe. The presentation will take time time to consider their beauty, while also looking at the many challenges these birds face, in their journey of life in Africa, especially in today’s world.

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