Tumbler Ridge post-AGM Tour-de-Peace Extension Trip

Following the Tumbler Ridge AGM this year’s Extension Trip will be led by Mark Phinney and, if a second group is required, by Brian Paterson.

In the event registration numbers require a second group, two parallel trips will take place. Leaders will coordinate the visits to the various locations so that overlaps are mostly avoided and numbers of birders at locations are kept to a minimum.

Group Size
Maximum size for each group 15 registrants. Minimum for both groups combined 20 registrants.


Sunday, June 11
Drive to Dawson Creek, birding along the way at Arras, Bear Mountain Pasture,
Radar Lake and McQueen’s Slough. Overnight in Dawson Creek.
Monday, June 12
Birding south of Dawson Creek, including Swan Lake, Road 201 and Boundary Highway followed by a night trip to McQueen’s Slough or East Pine for Yellow Rail and sparrows. Overnight in Dawson Creek.
Tuesday, June 13
Birding north to Fort St. John, including Farmington, Taylor, Beatton Park and Boundary Lake. In addition there will be a possible night trip to Watson Slough for Yellow Rail and sparrows. Overnight in Fort St. John.
Wednesday, June 14
Birding on Pink Mountain, followed by a drive back to, and conclusion of extension trip at Fort St. John.

Cost: $200 per person – transportation,
accommodation, and food not included.

Accommodation options – Dawson Creek

Holiday Inn – newest in town, next to casino, but otherwise isolated.

*Stonebridge – attached to restaurant, quite new.

Days Inn – new, next to Walmart and near A&W, McD.

Comfort Inn – on main drag in town, quite new, near several restaurants.

Travelodge – rebranded old place, but renovated. in-house restaurant, near mall and walking path.

Ramada – at busy intersection, not far from park & walking path.

*George Dawson Inn – oldest place in town, BCFO stayed there before. in-house restaurant.

Pomeroy – quite new, next to Walmart.

Aurora Park Inn – quite new, next to A&W.

*Super 8 – fairly new, on main drag, in-house restaurant.

Sadly, most of these are well isolated from any ‘outdoor’ experience, but the ones near the walking trail might provide a bit of relief.

*The top three rated are Stonebridge, Super 8, and George Dawson.

Possible species
• Broad-winged Hawk
• Sharp-tailed Grouse
• any/all Ptarmigan
• Yellow Rail
• Upland Sandpiper
• Franklin’s Gull
•Ruby-throated Hummingbird
• Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
• Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
• Eastern Phoebe
• Philadelphia Vireo
• Blue-headed Vireo
• Blue Jay
• Boreal Chickadee
• Winter Wren
• Black-throated Green Warbler
• Cape May Warbler
• Palm Warbler
• Bay-breasted Warbler
• Canada Warbler
• Connecticut Warbler
• Mourning Warbler
• Rose-breasted Grosbeak
• Le Conte’s Sparrow
• Nelson’s Sparrow
• Swamp Sparrow
• “Red” Fox Sparrow
• Common Grackle
• Rusty Blackbird
• Baltimore Oriole