Young Birders Program Committee

Do you have a passion for shaping the next generation of birding enthusiasts? The BCFO invites dedicated individuals to contribute to the newly established Young Birders Program Committee!


Established in 2014, the Young Birder Award recognizes outstanding birders aged 11 to 18 for their birding contributions within the province. Previously, a BCFO Young Birders Field Program offered educational field outings for youth to improve their birding skills. In our commitment to enhancing the Young Birders Program, we are undertaking a review of these initiatives to ensure the Program aligns with the interests and reflects the values of young birders across the province.


We are actively seeking individuals to contribute their ideas and insights to guide the evolution of this program. While we especially encourage past and present Young Birder Award/Program members to join, this invitation is extended to any and all who wish to make positive advancements in supporting young birders in the province.


Joining the committee provides an opportunity to gain valuable experience and skills while contributing to the growth of both the Young Birders Program and BCFO. Early career members in particular will gain valuable skills that can be useful towards future job opportunities, while all members can build meaningful connections and make positive impacts.


BCFO operates in a safe space, expecting members to be courteous, respectful and open-minded individuals who can embrace diverse ideas and opinions. As committee communications will be digital (Zoom calls and emails), the ability to access internet and work with basic MS Word and Excel files is required.

How to Apply:

Expressions of Interest can be sent electronically to