Post-Conference Trip to Washington State Full

We have received a completely unexpected deluge of registrations for the Washington State extension trip, and the trip is now full.

We hope there are not too many disappointed members.

2 thoughts on “Post-Conference Trip to Washington State Full

  1. This is a real piss off. I’ve been looking on the BCFO site all winter and there was no contact information re this trip although there was somewhat of a description about the trip itself. When and where was this info posted so a person could have signed up?
    Can I at least get on a wait list?

    • Hi Michael,

      The full information for the Conference and Extension Trip was posted under the Events tab > Annual Conference, on March 11. At the same time, a notice was posted on our front page that the information and registration forms were available in that location.

      Contact information for the Extension trip is included in the Registration Form posted on the website on March 11.

      On February 13th we posted advance information on the Conference and Extension, noting that full details would be available in March, as they were.

      The rapid filling-up of the Extension trip was unprecedented; we’ve seen nothing like it for any previous extension trip. We were simply unable to anticipate such demand.

      We will certainly create a waiting list, and will do that based on the registration forms as we receive them. We expect more may be still in the mail.

      Of course, the Conference itself is still open for registrations and we hope you’ll come. We have excellent field trips arranged for the weekend to look for many outstanding Okanagan specialities, and there is a Pre-conference Two-Day Trip for even more Okanagan birding.

      Your Board is already discussing how to avoid a repeat next year. On-line conference payment is one way to speed-up registration for members. Another is to continue to emphasize for members, as we have been doing in BC Birding, to use the Follow button on the front page to receive instant email notice of postings to the website.

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