Officers & Directors

BCFO Officers and Directors 2018 – 2019


President Marian Porter
Vice President Gary Davidson
Secretary Mike McGrenere
Treasurer Josh Inman

Board of Directors

Gary Davidson
Jude Grass
Josh Inman
Clive Keen
Adrian Leather
Art Martell
Mike McGrenere
Monica Nugent
Marian Porter
Past President George Clulow

Responsibilities & Representatives

Archivist Les Gyug
BC Birding (Newsmagazine) Editor Clive Keen
BC Birds (Journal) Editor Art Martell
Bird Records Committee Chair Nathan Hentze
Canadian Int’l Joint Venture Wayne Weber
Cannings Award Committee Chair Wayne Weber
Education and Conservation Committee Gary Davidson
Featured Photographer Carlo Giovanella
IO Congress 2018 George Clulow
Librarian Les Gyug
Membership Larry Cowan
Website George Clulow
Neil Dawe
Young Birders Award Carlo Giovanella
Young Birders Program Melissa Hafting

To contact any of the above please leave a message in the “Leave a Reply” box below.


Page last updated 25 June 2018

3 responses to “Officers & Directors

  1. Can you direct me to the web page that includes the most recent British Columbia Bird Checklist?
    How many species are on the list now?
    What were the last few birds that were added?
    We are trying to update our records for a new update of Thayer’s Birds of North America next month.

    • A very timely question, Pete. We are within a couple of days of finalizing a brand new provincial checklist. It will likely go to the printers this week. We will make an announcement here on the website homepage. All our energy has been focussed on producing the checklist which is completely up to date with the most recent BRC decisions. Stay tuned.

  2. Michael Barry Lancaster

    Larry, please note change of email from which is no longer available to me due to computer theft, forgotten password etc.

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