Latest Issues of Newsmagazine and Journal published

Turns out that March 2016 is a bumper month for BCFO publications.

The latest issues of BC Birding, our news magazine, and the BCFO journal, British Columbia Birds, are now available in the Members Area.



Inside both publications you’ll find a wealth of topics, both current and historical. In the journal, cooperative breeding by Bald Eagles is described, the full story of the Red-flanked Bluetail discovery is told, and the 2015 full report of the BC Bird Records Committee will be found along with a wide range of other articles. In the news magazine, there are trip reports, both local and international, reports from our Young Birders, avian briefings, and the 2015 Lister’s Corner Report 0f our members’ lists for BC, and around the world.

March marks the release of full details of this year’s AGM in Cranbrook and the Southern Alberta Extension trips. For public information follow these links: AGM and Conference, and the Prairie Potholes Extensions.