Creston Conference Field Trips

Saturday June 8: Corn Creek Marsh (Creston WMA)

Some photos from our fun outings during the BCFO field trips. These are from the Corn Creek outing. It was great to see everyone and meet new people from around BC.

all photos by Claude Rioux

Corn Creek Marsh
Yellow Warbler
Gray Catbird
Corn Creek Marsh
Cedar Waxwing
Tree Swallow
Birding group with Trip Leader Daryl Calder

Sunday June 9: Duck Lake

Sunday’s BCFO AGM outing was another glorious day with blue skies, warm weather, a cool breeze and avid birders who all soaked in the views and admired the birds that surrounded us.

There were many sights to see on our way to Duck Lake.  Birds were busy with all stages of starting their new families.  They were attracting mates, building nests and collecting food for their newly hatched families.  We were surrounded by bird song and everywhere you looked there was some kind of activity going on.

After years of trying to get a good shot of Common Yellowthroat as they skulked through reeds or in shrubs, I finally found a bold little fellow who proudly displayed himself at the top of a shrub as he sang in the sunshine.  What a sight to see!

all photos by Claude Rioux

Duck Lake
Common Yellowthroat
Northern Flicker
American Robin
Northern Shoveler
Eastern Kingbird
Trumpeter Swans
Cormorant colony
Birding group with Trip Leader Daryl Calder