Bird Records Committee – February 2016 Accepted Records Round 11

Round 11 accepted records of the BCFO Bird Records Committee are now posted in BRC Public above, or linked here.

Of note is that this round consisted entirely of records of rare hummingbirds in the province, and included a review the 1997 Xantus’s Hummingbird record from Gibsons.

20150115_125244_HDR (LSU specimens)

Among many materials used by the Bird Records Committee to make their decisions on Round 11 were these specimens of Green Violetears (right) and Sparkling Violetears (left) from Louisianna State University. Photo: James van Remsen Jr.

A full report of all the committee’s Round 11 deliberations will be published in an upcoming issue of BCFO’s journal, British Columbia Birds.

You will also find the BCFO Rare Bird Report Form and the Provincial Review List under the same drop-down menu. Submissions of rare bird sightings in British Columbia are invited and encouraged.

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