BCFO AGM Tumbler Ridge 2017

Tumbler Ridge June 9, 10, 11, 2017

As announced in the September 2016 issue of BC Birding, Tumbler Ridge will be the exciting destination for the BCFO 2017 AGM and Conference.


Bergeron Cliffs, Tumbler Ridge. Photo courtesy of tumblerridge.ca

In addition to great birding, Tumbler Ridge is the premier dinosaur location in the province, and we all know the connection between dinosaurs and birds.

Given where we’re headed, it might be timely to revisit the article we recommended just over a year ago about the origin and diversification of birds, and to look again at your March 2016 issue of BC Birding to read Charles Helm’s “Why Every Birder May Want to Visit Tumbler Ridge.”

Put the dates in your calendar, and look out for more information as it’s published. As we did last year in Cranbrook, we expect to be able to offer extension trips both before and after the conference.

Follow this link to see what Tumbler Ridge has to offer for the visitor. What could be better – dinosaurs and birds, past and present, all in one location?