BC Long-billed Curlew Study

Wednesday, 15 March 2023

Presenter: David Bradley

Long-billed Curlew: photo by David Bradley

Join David Bradley, who is the Director of the BC Office at Birds Canada, where he has been since completing his post-doctoral research on Tree Swallow migration in 2012. He comes from a long line of birders, and was drawn to BC by the wealth of birds here as a UBC undergrad over 20 years ago. He has since gained an MSc and PhD in Behavioural Ecology studying how variation in bird song has impacted the evolution of cooperative breeding in a Neotropical wren species, and how dialect structure influences the conservation of island endemics in New Zealand.

At Birds Canada, David oversees several bird projects in BC, including the one he will be presenting on. He will tell us about the findings of a BC-wide Long-billed Curlew survey conducted by citizen scientists that he and his colleagues at Birds Canada managed last summer.

Long-billed Curlew: photo by David Bradley