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Human Caused Bird Mortality – Request for Bird Carcasses from SW British Columbia

For the past two years Tara Imlay of the Canadian Wildlife Service and her colleagues have been researching bird mortality from things such as collisions with windows and vehicles, and those killed by cats and other domestic animals.

This is their final year of carcass collection which will take place from September 2021 to April 2022.

They are again requesting BCFO members and other interested members of the public to send in carcasses of birds that they find. Please record the day and location where the bird was found, and freeze the body (placing in a Ziploc bag or similar is sufficient).

Zoom Presentations 2021/2022 Announcement

Last year’s Zoom presentations for members, focusing on birds and birding travel, proved very popular and were fully subscribed by BCFO members.

Registration details for upcoming Zoom presentations will appear in your inboxes one week prior to each presentation.

Under the Events tab above, pages are now open for you to preview the upcoming season. The three pages will give you: an overview of the series, details of the next three presentations, and the opportunity to suggest topics for future presentations, or to offer your own.  You may also follow the links below.



Suggestions and offers to present

This year’s series will be given a flying start in Botswana and the Okavango Delta with Kevin Neil.

Carmine Bee-eater. Photo: Kevin Neil.

We’ll then zoom down to Argentina with Lee Harding.

Chilean Flamingo. Photo: Lee Harding

And our third presentation of the new season will bring us back home with Les Gyug for a detailed look at Williamson’s Sapsucker in British Columbia.

Photo: Les Gyug

Kalin Ocaña, Featured Photographer #23  

Photo: Kalin Ocaña

BCFO is pleased to present number twenty-three in our scintillating series of Featured Photographers. Kalin Ocaña, from Kelowna, is another member of our talented troop of Young Birder Awardees.

Follow the drop-down menu above under Features, or link here to Kalin’s work.

2021 Annual General Meeting via Zoom Thursday, June 24, 2021, 7:00 PM PDT

The meeting will have the usual business items of the Annual General Meeting. And, not to be missed, the AGM will be followed by an exclusive, for those joining us for the Zoom AGM, keynote presentation by David Bradley on the Long-billed Curlew project in the Prince George area.

We will again be placing items to be reviewed at the AGM (agenda, 2020 AGM minutes, financial report, and other documents) on the website when they are ready for members to review prior to the AGM here.

Similar to 2020, all members will receive an email notice regarding the AGM with the requirement to register for the Zoom meeting. This will be sent one week prior to the AGM.

Long-billed Curlew* – Blackie Spit

BCFO Young Birder Promotes Kootenay Birding

Least Sandpiper – Kootenay Lake

BCFO Young Birder Award (2020) recipient Gaelen Schnare is expanding his birding passion to promote tourism and birding in the Kootenay.

Check out Gaelen’s video at Nelson and Kootenay Lake Tourism.

And while you’re watching the video, take a close look at his light blue ballcap.

Fraser River Delta – New Study Published

Publicly Available Now

Dunlin in winter on Boundary Bay

BCFO is pleased to announce and make available to the public a Special Issue (vol 32) of British Columbia Birds devoted entirely to: The status, ecology and conservation of internationally important bird populations on the Fraser River Delta, British Columbia, Canada.

Select the link below to view or download a copy.

BCFO members should note that you will shortly receive an email with the new password for the Members area and a link to Volume 31 of British Columbia Birds.

Another BCFO Young Birder Success Story

Adam Dhalla, Young Birder Award recipient in 2017, has been working hard to merge his love of birds with his love of gaming. The result of his efforts and those of his co-creator, has just been released on the Apple App Store, and on Google Play.

Find the Birds is a free-to-download, free-to-play educational mobile game for all ages about birds & conservation.

Players travel the globe searching for birds and do conservation quests to help them. The first in-game location available in the release is Arizona, USA, and includes the critically endangered California Condor in its line-up of species. The second in-game location will be British Columbia, to be added this July.

Find the Birds is a great way for all ages to learn about nature & science safely during the pandemic in an environmentally friendly way. Games are of course zero-carbon.

Apple App Store full download link:

Or, you can search for Find the Birds.

Google Play Store download link: 

Congratulations to Adam on this significant achievement. And as a footnote, it’s worth recalling that after Adam received the BCFO award in 2017 he went on to become recipient of the 2018 American Birding Association Young Birder of the Year Award.

BCFO 2021 Young Birder on CBC Radio

Cameron Montgomery one of our 2021 Young Birder Award recipients is featured on CBC radio searching for early spring birds in Burnaby. Listen here.

Creston Valley Bird Festival 2021

Creston Valley Bird Festival goes virtual this year with live webinars plus some Covid-safe outdoor events. Registration opens April 1st.

Here you can Choose Your Own Adventure, or view here the Schedule of Webinars and Outdoor Events .


Featured Photographer #21 – Val George

The BCFO is pleased to present the next in our series of Featured Photographers.  Val hails from Victoria, and is a long-term member of BCFO known to many for his wide interests in natural history beyond birds. Check out Val’s photography here.