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Below you’ll find a detailed outline of the AGM, full descriptions of the Two-day Pre-conference Field Trip, and the Eastern Washington Extension Trip with Charlie Wright.





Previously published materials

South Okanagan (Oliver) AGM, Conference & Extension
29 – 31 May 2015


2015 Extension Trip Outline

Extension Trip 2015 – Washington State, Okanogan to Columbia Basin

This year, the post-conference Extension Trip will be led by Charlie Wright, well-known Washington State birder, researcher, tour leader, eBird reviewer and member of the Washington Bird Records Committee. A preliminary overview follows, with only some of the great target birds we will be seeking.

Leaving Oliver after lunch on Sunday, May 31st, we will meet Charlie in Tonasket, giving us time to look for Short-eared Owl, Great Gray Owl, Williamson’s Sapsucker and Bobolink in the Tonasket/Havillah area before dark. Night in Omak.

On June 1st we will visit Moses Meadows/Lyman Lake Road (White-headed Woodpecker, Gray Flycatcher), Nespelem (breeding waterfowl), Grand Coulee Dam/Dry Falls (Chukar), Potholes Reservoir (Clark’s Grebe) and Othello (Burrowing Owl). We will stay the next two nights in Othello.

June 2nd we will travel southeast to Para Ponds (Tricolored Blackbird), County Line Ponds (Black-necked Stilt, American Avocet), Palouse Falls (Ferruginous Hawk, Grasshopper Sparrow) and possibly Lyons Ferry/Washtucna area for migrants. Night again in Othello.

The final morning (June 3rd) will take us northwest to Beezley Hills or Moses Coulee for sage specialties and a cleanup of targets missed heretofore. Tour ends mid-morning, giving participants time to head north back to the border.

Cost for the Extension Trip is $200.00 per person. Meals and accommodation are not included; motels will be suggested to registered participants and must be booked directly. Transportation from Oliver will be by car-pooling. Full details of the extension and registration forms will be published in the March issue of BC Birding.


Archived, past AGM  notices and forms etc


2014 Pemberton AGM & Conference
June 13 – 15

We’ve got a really great line up of field trips and speakers for this year’s AGM.

Check the BCFO Home Page for the detailed  list of speakers for Saturday afternoon and the Banquet.

Saturday and Sunday morning are completely given over to field trips. To ensure the hottest sites are chosen from the huge number available: One Mile Lake, Pemberton Bluffs, Pemberton Meadows, Lillooet River Oxbows, Airport Road and Dykes, Duffy Lake Road, Lillooet Forest Service Road, and private areas not open to the general public, a team of BCFO members and local birders will intensively scout the locations in the week prior to the conference.

Link to local accommodations :

If you are not currently a BCFO member but want to join us at the conference, you’ll find that the registration forms below include a line for membership.

Registration and Waiver forms for the conference and extension trip are available below in optional formats:

Pemberton AGM & Extension Registration & Waiver Forms

RegFormWaiverInclExtVer4Final (Word document)

Pemberton AGM & Extension Registration & Waiver Form

RegFormWaiverInclExtVer4Final (PDF document)

NOTE: Deadline for the Kamloops post-Conference Extension trip was May 1.

Below is a duplicate of the post first published on the Home Page in January 2014

This year’s BCFO AGM in Pemberton (June 13th – 15th) is going to be a great weekend in its own right, but we’ve also lined up some fantastic optional birding opportunities for members both before and after the conference weekend.


Extension Trip 2014

This year’s three-day Extension Trip, lead by Rick Howie will be focus on the grassland and higher elevation forest birds of Rick’s Kamloops home turf. Leaving Pemberton after lunch on Sunday, June 15th, participants will make their way to Kamloops, with a stop en-route for some Hat Creek birding. The extension will shift into high gear early Monday morning as daily excursions to key habitats start and return to our hotel “base camp” in Kamloops.

Provisional target species for the extension include: Flammulated and Boreal Owls, Boreal Chickadees, Swainson’s Hawks, Long-billed Curlews, Chukar, Lewis’s Woodpeckers, and Horned Larks. Participants will also have reasonable chances to see American White Pelicans, Northern Hawk and Great Gray Owls, Williamson’s Sapsuckers, Rock and Canyon Wrens, and Prairie Falcons.

Transportation will be car-pooling. Full details of the extension, including costs, hotels, and registration forms will be published in the March issue of BC Birding.

Sharp-tailed Grouse Jellicoe

Pre-Conference Two-Day Field Trip

Lillooet will be the destination for members who wish to enjoy some excellent birding before the conference. A two day field trip will be offered for June 12th and 13th as one of our 2014 scheduled Two-Day Field Trips for Members.

BCFO members know from our 2007 AGM that Lillooet is an amazing place to go birding. Many of us who missed that opportunity won’t want to miss out in 2014. Hoped for species include: Dusky Grouse, Western Screech-Owls, Red-naped Sapsuckers, White-throated Swifts, Long-billed Curlews, and Rock Wrens. The trip will wrap-up early afternoon on the 13th, giving everyone plenty of time to drive to Pemberton for the AGM opening Meet and Greet.

Full details and registration forms for the AGM, and both trips will be published in the March issue of BC Birding.

2013 Sidney AGM Field Trip Species Lists

Species lists for each field trip have been compiled along with a combined list of species seen over the the whole weekend.

Click on the lists below to read and/or download your own copies.

Saanich Peninsula species list

Victoria (West) species list

Victoria (East) species list

Combined AGM species list


Field Trip Details and Speakers for the 2013, Sidney AGM

Banquet Speaker

Dr. Sean Boyd, Research Scientist, Environment Canada; and Adjunct Professor, Centre for Wildlife Ecology, Department of Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser University, will share his research on the connectivity between the Salish Sea and breeding areas for a number of different species that were tagged with satellite radios.


Field Trips

Trip will be run Saturday and Sunday mornings. A fourth field trip will be added, if the number of conference registrants warrants it.

Trip 1 – Saanich Peninsula – Airport, Newton Heights, Martindale Flats, Island View Beach

This trip will start at the Victoria airport for Sky Larks, possible raptors and water birds on Patricia Bay. We will proceed to the Newton Heights area and have an easy walk (2km) on the road on the south side of Mount Newton looking for warblers, flycatchers and other spring migrants in this area of mixed forest and large rural lots. The trip will proceed to the Martindale/Island View area to look in the open agricultural land then stop at the shoreline of Island View Regional Park for shorebirds and other saltwater birds. We will walk a short distance along the trail at the edge of Island View Beach and return to Sidney along Lochside Drive with possible stops along the waterfront if time permits. Birds to look for on this trip will be Sky Lark, American Kestrel, MacGillivray’s Warbler, Cassin’s and Hutton’s Vireo, California Quail and Rhinoceros Auklet.

 Trip 2 – Victoria East – Elk Lake Regional Park, Swan Lake,   Victoria Waterfront

We will head south toward Victoria and stop in the mixed habitat at Elk Lake Regional Park along the Pat Bay Highway. This is a very good area for a variety of spring migrants and local resident species. This location has had sightings of Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Brewer’s Sparrow and Blackpoll Warbler in the past. We will take a one kilometre walk through the forest and along the lake before heading to Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary for birds on the lake and in the very productive woodland area around the nature house. We will finish at the Victoria waterfront, first to Ogden Point and then to Clover Point. The trip will involve a short walk on Ogden Point breakwater which offers good view over the ocean for alcids. We will drive to Clover Point that juts out from the waterfront and look for gulls and shorebirds. Return to Sidney via the Pat Bay Hwy. Birds to look for on this trip will be Black-headed Grosbeak, Chipping Sparrow, Virginia Rail, Wandering Tattler, Brandt’s Cormorant and Rhinoceros Auklet.

 Field Trip 3 – Victoria West – Francis King Park & adjacent power lines, Panama Flats

We will start at Francis King Regional Park for a short walk through the mixed woodlands near the nature house then move a short distance away for a 2 km hike along an open area near the Pike Lake hydro site. This area is excellent for migrant passerines and resident songbirds. We will then head to Panama Flats located in a former farm valley which, because of berms constructed by a former owner, has created excellent habitat for shorebirds and waterfowl. This area was excellent for water birds in 2012 with sightings of Snowy Egret and Black-necked Stilt. The area is also surrounded by shrubbery providing habitat for woodland birds. The return drive will be along the peninsula waterfront if time permits.  Birds to look for on this trip will be House Wren, Cassin’s Vireo, MacGillivray’s Warbler, Black-throated Gray Warbler, Olive-sided Flycatcher and the swallows and shorebirds at Panama Flats.

Red-Crossbill Photo: George Clulow

Photo: George Clulow

Extension Trip

Details are being finalized, and complete information will be published here the week of April 14th.

Saturday Afternoon Speakers

Stacey Hrushowy, Executive Director of the Rocky Point Bird Observatory

Eyes on the Skies: The Citizen Science That Drives Bird Monitoring and Research at Rocky Point Bird Observatory.

Julia Daly, Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team

Reintroducing the Western Bluebird as a breeding species to the east coast of Vancouver Island .

David Manning

Nesting Turkey Vultures and Peregrine Falcons on Pender Island and the Saanich Peninsula. 

Click here for the Conference Registration Form and Waiver

Announcing BCFO’s 2013 Annual Conference – Sidney, BC

May 10, 11, and 12 


Sky Lark (European) photo courtesy Chris Thomas – http://Birds.Ceeege.Com/

BCFO will be holding its 23rd Annual General Meeting on Southern Vancouver Island. We will be based in Sidney where all conference events will be held at the Mary Winspear Centre.

Lots of good birding locations are within easy driving distances, and the local naturalists are already planning a full complement of great trips. The possibilities for the extension trip are many, and planning is underway for that too.

As more details are confirmed, they will be published here, and in BC Birding.

Stay tuned!


22nd Annual BCFO Conference Princeton, BC – June 1 – 3, 2012

The 22nd Annual Conference will be held in the Princeton Auditorium at the Riverside Centre, located at: 148 Old Hedley Road, Princeton, B.C.

This year there will be not only one flat rate for the Conference, but also a rate for those wishing to attend only the Friday night ‘Meet & Greet’ and Saturday night Banquet. The cost for only the meet and greet and the banquet will be $50.00 per person, which does not include field trips or any other meals. The all-inclusive price for the Conference will be $150.00, including all field trips, the meet and greet, and the banquet. The meet and greet will include cheese, meat and veggie platters. A no-host cash bar will be open from 6:00 till 9:00 pm.  Breakfasts and lunches both days and the banquet will be held in the Princeton Auditorium at the Riverside Centre in Princeton.

Other Events:

  1. Birding field trips on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  2. Annual general meeting and technical presentations on Saturday afternoon in the Princeton Auditorium.
  3. Guest speaker at the Banquet on Saturday night.
  4. 2012 Extension Trip

Princeton Conference Schedule


Conference fee is: $150.00 per person, including all activities as noted above. A registration fee of$50.00 is available for non-birders who wish to attend social events on Friday and Saturday evenings; see registration form for details. Attendance is limited to BCFO members and spouses/partners/family members. Non-members may join BCFO at the same time as they register for the Conference.

Registration Form and Liability Waiver (PDF)

Please complete both forms and mail w/payment to:

BC Field Ornithologists
PO Box 45507
Westside RPO
Vancouver, BC, V6S 2N5

Attendance is limited to BCFO members and spouses/family members. You may join BCFO at the same time as you register for the Conference. Please refer to our membership fees for details.

For information contact: Wayne Diakow

Transportation and Accommodation

Transportation to the conference and accommodation are up to the individual(s) to arrange.  Below is a list of local hotels, a link about those hotels, and campsites.

Hotels / Motels

  • Best Value Princeton Inn & Suites          250-295-3537
  • Sandman Inn                                       250-295-6923
  • The Villager Inn                                   250-295-6996
  • Countryside Inn                                   250-295-7464
  • Evergreen Motel                                   250-295-7179


  • Otter Lake Provincial Park (33 km NW of Princeton on Coalmont Rd.)
  • Allison Lake Provincial Park (28 km north of Princeton on Hwy 5A)
  • Princeton Municipal RV Park and Campground (2.8 km E of Princeton on Hwy 3)

Extension Trip – Northern Washington: Sagebrush, Pine and Oak.

Join Russell Cannings on a four day tour around Northern Washington in search of summer and resident birds in the forests, grasslands, hills and wetlands around northern Washington. A few of the target species include tri-colored blackbird, spotted owl, sage sparrow, sage thrasher plus some owl and hawk specialties

Read more about this trip

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