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British Columbia Field Ornithologists


BCFO is a not-for-profit, charitable organization whose members are birders and ornithologists, novices to experts, that is committed to the study, preservation, and enjoyment of British Columbia’s wild birds.

BCFO administers the Provincial Bird Records Committee, supports a Young Birders program, offers research grants and regularly features members’ photography on its website. It also provides expert commentary on birds when asked by the media.

BCFO offers to members:

• A friendly, welcoming group of fellow birders with which to enjoy BC’s magnificent birdlife.

• Subscriptions to the quarterly newsmagazine, BC Birding, and the annual, peer-reviewed journal, British Columbia Birds.

• Participation in annual conferences, and in expert-led field trips to bird-rich locations around the Province.

• Participation in various bird surveys, conservation, and research projects involving amateur and professional ornithologists.

British Columbia Field Ornithologists
P.O. Box 61670 RPO Brookswood
Langley BC
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 Contact Us

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Last Updated: 12 April 2018

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Masthead: Orange-crowned Warbler, photo by Guy Monty

16 responses to “About BCFO/Contact Us

  1. Is the list of members available to other members?

  2. Frank Schroeder

    Just now paid for a new membership. Nowhere was I able to create a password to log on to BCFO. fs

  3. To keep your access secure, your password to the Members Area is sent to you by email from the Membership Secretary.

  4. Raincoast Conservation Foundation has just released a report on the Salish Sea that will likely be of interest to BC Birders. Please see: http://www.raincoast.org/salish-sea/ or contact: greatbear@raincoast.org if you would like us to send you a copy of the report directly. Thanks!

  5. When and how
    can I apply for the Tumbler Ridge event? Don’t see any directions on our site re this. Cheers, Michael Sather.

  6. We will follow much the same process as last year. Full details of the event and extension trips will be published here on the website and in BC Birding in the New Year. The registration page for both AGM and Extension will be opened on the website in late March or early April. Preliminary information is available under the Events tab above.

  7. I live in North Vancouver and I have two young kids that love birds like I do. Is there something they can join for kids and birding in the area, weekly or monthly etc.?

  8. wandering raven

    Since the memberships are for the calendar year, it would be helpful if the payment page said which calendar year the membership fee is being applied to. For example, if I sign up in early December 2018, am I becoming a member for the duration of 2018 or for all of 2019. Thanks.

    • Hi Jim,

      Once the half way mark of a calendar year has passed it is our practice to reply to an applicant confirming they are aware memberships are for a calendar year giving them the option to start the membership now or on January 1 of the following year.

      Larry Cowan, Membership Secretary

  9. Hello, the Wilson Society library has moved, so could you please update our address on your mailing list? Please send your publications to:
    Wilson Ornithological Society
    Univ. Michigan Museum of Zoology
    3600 Varsity Dr.
    Ann Arbor, MI 48108 USA

    The old address you have is
    J.V. Tyne Memorial Library
    Zoology Museum Library
    Wilson Ornithological Society
    University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor, MI
    USA 48109

    Thank you very much,
    Janet Hinshaw, Librarian

  10. I joined and paid $42.00 by Pay Pal. How do I obtain a login Password?

  11. Hello, I’m the co-editor of The Westcoast Reader. It’s a newspaper and online resource for learners seeking to improve their English and language skills. We are trying to reach Clive Keen as we are adapting a story about the hummingbird he rescued. If you could can pass my message onto him, it would be much appreciated. Thank you, Gail

  12. Ann Nightingale

    Hi BCFO, it’s December, and the CBC dates haven’t been updated for this year. Last year’s information may be misinterpreted by people visiting the page. Would it be possible to update for 2022/23 or to take last year’s page down? Thanks,


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