BCFO Featured Photographer #13 – Ian Routley

A new BCFO ‘Featured Photographer’ (number 13 in our continuing series) is now available for your viewing pleasure. See ‘Features’ tab above. Our presenter, Ian Routley, hails from a relatively off-the-beaten-track location in southern BC, where he can indulge his passions for the outdoors, nature, and cameras. ((Remember to click on the landscape-format photographs (like the one below) to enlarge them, so you can better savour the impeccable crispness of his images).


4 responses to “BCFO Featured Photographer #13 – Ian Routley

  1. Gorgeous shots by Ian! Well deserved tack sharp and utterly beautiful!! Congrats!

  2. Wow. Very impressive shots in a habitat that I wish I could spend more time in.

  3. Exceptionally good, the word spectacular comes to mind! You have re-ignited my love of the Nikon brand. Thanks Ian

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