Starting today we will be showcasing some of the outstanding photography of our members  – BC birds only.

Laure Neish graciously agreed to be our first Featured Photographer.

Thank you so much, Laure, for your marvellous photographs, and for helping us to get this new undertaking for BCFO up and running.

Every three months we will feature a different photographer, and archive the previous ones for an additional nine months on the Featured Photographer page.

A small committee, Carlo Giovanella and George Clulow, has worked to produce this first showcase of photographs. You’ll find the images under the above Featured Photographer tab, or just click here, and away you go.

Want to get involved? Offer your nomination for Featured Photographer, from among BCFO members, to Carlo Giovanella <>.


  1. Hi Carlo Giovanella and George Clulow,
    I enjoyed the new Featured Photographer section of the BCFO website. Well done. I thought Laure’s text added a lot to the whole presentation.
    Marilyn Buhler
    Vernon, BC

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