Welcome to our new website

We’ve just gone “live” with our new, updated website. Please browse around, and let us know what you think.

There are still a few fixes to be made involved in the transfer from old to new. Please be patient, but feel free to let us know any problems you’ve encountered by using the comment link below.

This new blog format will enable us to update our information much more quickly, and also take feedback from members in a timely manner.

Thanks, and good birding at the Princeton AGM and beyond.

BCFO Directors

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About geocbcfo

BCFO members are dedicated to "Birding with a Purpose." Keen birders and dedicated ornithologists formed BCFO in 1991 to advance the study enjoyment of wild birds in British Columbia.

1 thought on “Welcome to our new website

  1. Hello George,
    Had a great time in Princeton. Congratulations on a job well done !! The web site had been a real ‘bone of contention’ with me for over a year or so….Larry Cowan assured me that things were going to improve…and they HAVE. Many thanks for all the hard work you and the rest of the team have provided on our behalf
    Kind regards….Don Wilson, Kelowna

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