120th CBC Results – as we receive them

Provisional Results 120th Christmas Bird Count
December 14, 2019 to January 5, 2020

We will post results here as we receive them. If your count has taken place, we’d be happy to post your results. Please leave the count name, species count, highlight species and any additional information you wish to include in the Leave a Reply box at the bottom of this table.

You will find the dates, locations, and contact information for this season’s counts here.

Count Name


Provisional Results

100 Mile House TBA
Abbotsford-Mission Dec 30
Apex-Hedley TBA
Cache Creek
Dec 22
Bamfield Dec 16
There were 21 participants for the CBC which was held under cloudy skies and light rain. Temperatures ranged between 5 and 8 degrees. Species reported were 64.
Bella Coola Jan 05  
Big White Dec  19
The count was held under partly clear sky’s with temperatures ranging from -7 to 0 degrees. 9 participants tallied 27 species. There were high counts for Brown Creeper, House and Goldfinch. 3 owl species were counted: Great Gray, Northern Saw-whet, Northern Pygmy Owl.
Bridesville TBA
Bridge Lake Dec 14 There were 10 participants under cloudy skies for the Bridge Lake CBC. Temperatures ranged from -4to -2 degrees. 19 species were counted.
Broughton Strait Dec 28
The weather for the Broughton Strait CBC was partly cloudy with light rain. Temperatures ranged between 5 and 6 degrees. There were 15 participants. 63 species were recorded.
Burns Lake-Francois Lake  
Cache Creek  
Campbell River Dec 29
The count was held in local fog and light rain. Temperatures ranged between 5 and 7 degrees. 88 species were reported by 39 participants.
Castlegar Dec 21 On December 21st, 15 people participated in Castlegar’s CBC. Despite the rain it turned out to be a fantastic count with 60 species tallied!  Thanks to all who participated!  Craig Sanvig.
Cawston Dec 29
Chilliwack Dec 14
The count was held under partly clear sky’s with temperatures ranging from 3 to 5 degrees. 38 participants tallies 102 species. High counts featured Wilson’s Snipe at 45 and Orange-crowned Warbler with 2. There were low counts for Red-tailed  Hawks and American Coots.
Comox Dec 15
62 Participants, 105 species (above average) and 25,592 individuals. High counts for Anna’s Hummingbird (142) and Black-bellied Plover (220). Average numbers of forest birds, waterfowl (eg. American Wigeon 3,224, Mallard 4,400, Scoters 3,421), and Bald Eagle (225). Low count for gulls (1,633).
Cortes Island Dec 28 The morning portion of the count was held in foggy conditions with light rain. The afternoon was without the fog with light rain persisting. Temperatures were between 5 and 6 degrees. 34 participants reported 65 species.
Cranbrook Dec 28 it was cloudy with no precipitation for the count. Temperatures ranged between -8 and – 4 degrees. 18 participants were successful in finding 52 species.
Creston Valley Dec 27
D’Arcy-Birken Dec 16 There were 12 participants at this years count. 36 species were recorded. The weather for the count was partly cloudy with temperatures between -2 and 2 degrees.
Dawson Creek Jan 04
The Dawson Creek Christmas Bird Count was held on Jan. 4, 2020. Ten observers ventured out on a mild morning that soon turned quite frigid. Snow cover was variable, but generally light. By the days end, 2861 individual birds of 22 different species had been counted. These totals are slightly below the long term average for both species and individuals. The most plentiful bird was the Common Raven (again). Ravens have been the most common species on nearly half of our Christmas Bird Counts over the years. Some interesting observations on this years count includes a record high tally of Black-capped Chickadees (which will disappoint absolutely no one!) and only the second time ever that Pileated Woodpecker and Northern Pygmy Owl have been tallied on the count. Both species are known to occur in the area, but relatively rare. The biggest ‘miss’ of the day was Bohemian Waxwing. This was the first time in 20 years that no Waxwings were seen during the count. As well, no Eurasian Collared Doves were found on the count this year. This recent arrival to the Peace area has been tallied on 5 of the previous 6 CBC’s. Winter finches were relatively scarce this year, with low numbers of Redpolls and Pine Grosbeaks, and no Crossbills or Evening Grosbeaks. In contrast, Snow Buntings were quite common; likely due to the sparse snow cover and fields of unharvested grain. Thanks to all who participated!
Mark Phinney. Count Compilier.
Deep Bay Dec 22
65 Participants, 95 species (above average), 14,692 individuals. High count for Anna’s Hummingbird (68); Bald Eagle (205); water birds (eg. Pacific Loon 196, Horned Grebe 201, Red-necked Grebe 128); Black Turnstone (420) and Greater Yellowlegs (50). Average numbers of forest birds and waterfowl. Also a few species not usually recorded (Ruddy Turnstone, Rhinoceros Auklet, House Wren).
Duncan Jan 01 The 50th Duncan CBC went off without a hitch. 105 species were recorded by around 32 field executives and 12 sit at home feeder watchers. The final tabulations have not been completed yet but it appears around 20,000 birds were counted. There were no real rarities encountered, but one new high record appeared to be 8 Western Meadowlarks. It was one of our best days weather wise with temperatures reaching near 15c in the Maple Bay Area. Finch numbers were noticeably low and many commented on hardly any Nuthatches. The roundup was well attended where a wonderful cake donated by Dave Aldcroft to celebrate our 50th count was well received and was scoffed up in no time, it was a shame for the compiler to cut it. If we are to continue with these high temperatures on January 1st we will have to reconsider the food at the after count gathering, we will do away with soup, chilli and sandwiches and have salad , fresh fruit and ice cream. Just a wonderful day enjoyed by all, thanks to all our counters and especially to the roundup ladies who put on a wonderful spread. Derrick Marven
Edgewood Dec 28
Fauquier TBA There were 8 participants this year who reported 40 species. Temperatures ranged between -3 to -2 degrees under cloudy skies.
Fernie Dec 17
Fort St. James Jan 05 Results for the Fort St.James CBC are tallied. 17 field observers and 16 feeder watchers participated.  Result for count day were slow, but observers tallied 34 different species and 1,248 birds. This number is down somewhat from previous years. Only 39 trumpeter swans were counted, although it is likely they and some duck species were spread out along our unfrozen rivers. The 100 snow buntings were a nice addition. Ruffed Grouse numbers were decent at 18.  Four American Goldfinches were seen for the first time on this Christmas Bird Count; reflective of their increasing numbers within the central interior. They are now breeding in Fort St. James. Eurasian collared-doves appear to be well-established in Fort St. James now, with 20 observed.

Sincere thanks to all observers who volunteer their time every year. Special thanks to those out-of-town keeners who drive up from Prince George and Vanderhoof to help. It is always appreciated.
Joanne Vinnedge.

Galiano-North Saltspring Dec 15
Golden Dec 27
Grand Forks Dec 21
Greater Masset Dec 27
Harrison River Dec 17 There were 14 birders who participated in this years count. 74 species were recorded.The weather was cloudy with rain varying from heavy to light. Temperatures ranged from 4 to 7 degrees.
Harrop–Balfour Dec 15
The Harrop Balfour CBC was completed Saturday Dec. 15. The species total was 41.  Charles Zinkan.
Hat Creek Dec 27 This years count took place under partly cloudy to clear skies with temperatures ranging from -6 to -2 degrees. 7 participants were successful in finding 23 species.
Hecate Strait TBA
Juan de Fuca
Kamloops Dec 22
67 Species (10 during count week)and 10,669 individual birds were recorded. 35 Birders participated.
Kaslo Dec 30 Thanks to the 13 intrepid CBC counters (4 teams of 3+1), and the team of 2 cross country skiers who worked their way up toward the Bucky Cabin, on this the 19th Kaslo CBC and the 119th North American CBC. Of special note….Harris’s Sparrow which, if confirmed, will be a first…and of significance the Cassin’s Finch and the Saw-whet Owl.  Looking at numbers this year compared to past years, we saw lower counts of Canada Goose, Common Loon, Mallard, Grebes, Gulls, Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers, Mountain Chickadee, Kinglets (both), Waxwings (both), Pine Sisken, Pine & Evening Grosbeak, House Finch, Pacific Wren, Red-winged Blackbird and Starlings. We often see over 1000 birds on the CBC so overall numbers are lower this year.  Count Day Dec 30th total species = 30 species. Total bird count = 585.  Total bird count including count week = 35 species (CW #’s do not add to the total for the official Audubon report.  Stu & Anne Heard
Kelowna Dec 14
The Kelowna CBC was a great success today with 109 species tallied. Highlights included a Winter Wren, 3 Bewick’s Wrens, a Say’s Phoebe, a Pacific loon, a Lincoln’s Sparrow, 10 American Pipits, a Hermit Thrush, a Eurasian Wigeon, an Eared Grebe, a Glaucous Gull, 2 Peregrine Falcons, a White-throated Sparrow and lots of owls; Barn, Barred, Great Horned, Northern Saw-whet, Western Screech and Northern Pygmy. 66 people in the field. 19 feeder watchers.
Kimberley Jan 04 16 participants reported 43 species during this years count. Temperatures were -1 to 2.8 degrees with cloudy and rainy conditions.
Kuskanook Jan 3
Kitimat Dec 14 67 species were reported by 16 participants. Conditions were partly cloudy with temperatures between 0 and 1 degrees.
Ladner Dec 21 A mostly dry, but heavily overcast day saw two new birds for the count: the long-staying Black Phoebe showed up on cue at Reifel, and a Wilson’s Warbler was found in Richmond. Other notables were two Spotted Sandpipers at Point Roberts, a Northern Goshawk also at Reifel, and a White-throated Sparrow. Notable misses included Black Scoter. With three and a half areas still to report, the day’s total stood at 128 at the post-count gathering.
Lake Country Dec 16

 This years count was held under cloudy skies by 31 participants who recorded 74 species. Temperatures ranged between -4 and -1 degrees.

Lake Windermere District TBA
Langara Island TBA
Lardeau Dec 27 Close to 30 people ranging in age and experience participated in the 23rd Lardeau CBC. The weather was very cooperative and the preliminary species count is 39 which is above our average. There are a few species that will be added for count week. However, the highlight for the count was a Marsh Wren at the Argenta Causeway. Many thanks to all those who participated.  Marlene Johnston.
Lasqueti Island Dec 29
31 participants recorded 55 species during this years CBC. Temperatures ranged between 5 and 8 degrees. Skies were cloudy in the morning with heavy rain in the afternoon.
Lillooet Dec 26 Lillooet’s count was held under cloudy skies and temperatures of -6 to 0 degrees. 27 participants recorded 52 species.
Little R.-Powell R. Ferry Dec 30 12 Participants, 24 species (above average), 3,213 individuals. Large numbers of Ancient Murrelet (560), many close to the ferry; record high count for Brant (121) and Long-tailed Duck (1838) and second highest counts for Mew Gull (172) and Pacific Loon (237). None were lowest counts.
Logan Lake TBA
There were 6 participants this year reporting 35 species. Temperatures were -15 to 1 degrees under cloudy skies.
Lower Howe Sound Jan 4
McBride Dec 15
Merritt Dec 15
Merritt CBC-15 December 2019 (report by Alan Berger) Good weather and lots of open water (Nicola Lake was mostly open) produced a good day for our 21st count.  Totals were 66 species (average is 61) and 3,697 birds (average 3644). We had 31 field birders and one feeder watcher.  New species to the count were: Cackling Goose (on Nicola Lake -minimum of 5 after much detailed perusal of a clear photo); Virginia Rail-3 heard calling on count day at a reliably ice-free spring and confirmed two days later. Peregrine falcon was seen only for the second time. High counts for the Merritt circle were: Trumpeter Swan (129), Tundra Swan (7), American Wigeon (74), Northern Pintail (17), Am Kestrel (6), Stellar’s Jay (38), Black-capped Chickadee (96), and Brown Creeper (4). The big miss was Pine Siskin-after last year’s record count of 391. A near-miss was Am Robin with only one seen (average is 23).          Full results and photos will be posted here:  www.nicolanaturalists.ca
Naden Harbour TBA
Nakusp Dec 29

There were 4 groups with a total of 8 people on the count. Total species count was 48. Total number of birds was 1669.

Nanaimo Dec 28
The count was held on December 28, 2019 with 100 participants. Weather conditions were: 4-6 degrees Celsius, winds were moderately light up to 14km/hr, cloudy with minor showers in the afternoon. The total number of species for the day was 113, with an extra 11 species added  during count week. Misses on count day were: Pine Grosbeak, Evening Grosbeak, Pigeon Guillemot, and Black Scoter. Unusual species tallied included American Black Duck on count day, and Lapland Longspur, Golden Eagle, and Rough-legged Hawk during count week. The total number of species is slightly lower than the past few years. And slightly less overall birds (~26,000 vs 27,000-29,000) we have had in previous recent years.
2015                           115                              119         28698
2016                           120                             127         29455
2017                           122                             127         29820
2018                           118                             123         27119
2019                           113                             122         26017
Nanoose Bay/Lantzville Dec 20 23 participants reported 93 species for this years count. The morning was partly clear with no precipitation. The pm portion was partly cloudy with light rain. Temperatures were between 4 and 8 degrees.
Narcosli Dec 15
We have been recording the Narcosli CBC as an official count since 2012. In the first seven years we have managed to obtain a 36 species average. Our best year was 2013 with a to total of 42 species. Our low season was 2016 with 30 species. This year we managed to tie our second best season with 39 species. Since we have been recording this count we have managed to observe 63 species over the first seven years. This year we managed to find 4 new species to add to that total: American Kestrel, American Wigeon, White-breasted Nuthatch and Sandhills Crane.

Since the bridge washed out on Narcosli Creek the West Fraser team now has to pass through some of the High Countries  area and this year it resulted in 4 species being observed that will be added to the High Countries totals. They were: Canada Jay, Stellar’s Jay, Northern Shrike and Northern Hawk Owl. The High Countries total is now 17 species. Adrian managed to drum up 28 species. Suzy scrounged up 20 and Jerry and I found 17 in our zone plus the 4 in Tracy and Kathy’s zone. It is also note worthy that each team was able to find species only in their zone: Kathy & Tracy – Redpoll & Junco. Jerry & Brian – Canada Jay, American Tree Sparrow, Northern Shrike, Northern Hawk Owl. Suzy – American Kestrel & Merlin. Adrian – House Sparrow, House Finch, Eurasian Collarded Dove, Brewer’s Blackbird & Brown Creeper.

There we’re also 5 count week species: Northern Goshawk, Golden-crowned Kinglet, American Robin, Red-winged Blackbird and Northern Pygmy-Owl.  Brian.


Nelson Jan 04
We had 38 observers (5 were feeder watchers) who reported 50 species (which is close to the 14-year average 49.43) of birds on count day and 6 more species during count week.

The weather was a bit windy-gusts up to about 70 mph up on the Whitewater Ski Hill-with early morning snow squalls, rain showers, and some hail in one area! Mainly, it was overcast through most of the count period, but the sun did come out a few times. Temperatures ranged from -3c to +8c; snow levels were from none to 220 cm(at the ski hill, of course!).

Collective distance covered and time spent were: 79 km on foot over 45.06 hours; 93.8km by vehicle over 6.57 hours; and 6.0 km by ski over 5.75 hours.

Our total numbers (2,406) are down by 1,403 from 2018 (3,809), but still much higher than the lowest count that I have records for – 1,136 in 2010. The highest count that I have was in 2014 when we had 3,977 birds counted.

My thanks go out to everyone who has taken the time to count birds for the 120th Audubon Christmas Bird Count. Every little bit helps track the state of birds in this time of climate upheaveal.

Thanks again, folks!  Elaine Moore. Nelson BC.


Oliver-Osoyoos Dec 28
30 Observers in 12-16 parties. 85 party hours. Weather: -4 to 1 C, Wind S 0-20 KPH, no precipitation. Osoyoos Lake open, some small pond & oxbows frozen. Snow depth 0-15cm.

Total species: 111. Total individuals: 15,833.

Parksville-Qualicum Beach Dec 15
Prelim totals … 112sp, 5 cw sp, 25,239 individuals. We had a sunny day with 56 birders in the field and 59 at feeders.
Peachland Dec 27 The annual Peachland CBC was held on Dec. 27th, and mostly mild and relatively calm conditions made for a comfortable day of birding on this 7th iteration of the count. Skies ranged from partly to mostly cloudly with temperatures ranging from -5 to +4 and snow depth from 0 cm at lake level to 60 cm at higher elevations.

Overall, most observer groups noticed a drop in abundance of many bird species, especially compared with last year when our counts reached record highs. In total, we detected 2515 individual birds of 59 species which is the lowest number of individuals; for reference, the count average is 64 species and 3131 individual birds. On the contrary, observer effort was very high this year with a record 24 observers clocking in 56 hours and almost 75 km on foot!

Highlights were a Short-eared Owl (seen by Matthias Bieber, Jason Bieber and Leanne McDonald in Garnet Valley), which is the only new species this year, 5 Northern Pygmy Owls (shared by 3 different groups), 4 Evening Grosbeaks (Eva Durance and Kathryn McCourt), 3 Canyon Wrens (Chris Charlesworth and co., and Matthias Bieber), 3 Canada Jays (Kristen Mancuso and Morgan Galloway) and good numbers of Pine Grosbeak. Groups with good numbers include raptors, with new highs for both eagle species, woodpeckers, corvids, and chickadees and nuthatches, especially White-breasted Nuthatch, and also Brown Creeper. However, many of the irruptive species such as many of the finches and Bohemian Waxwing were down in number as were grebes and ducks. Notable misses include Bufflehead, American Coot, Mourning Dove, Great-horned Owl, Northern Shrike, and Pine Siskin.

Number of Observers: 24. Total hours (on foot): 56.1. Total hours (by car): 15.65. Total KM’s (on foot): 74.9. Total KM’s (by car): 176.03.


Pemberton-Mt. Currie Dec 17 24 participants recorded 49 species during this years count. Weather for the count ranged between light rain to heavy snow in the am and heavy to light rain in the afternoon. Temperatures were between -1 to 1 degrees.
Pender Harbour Dec 18
18th December Pender Harbour. Rainy day with gale force winds AM. 73 species. Long term average is 79 species. This count on the north end of the Lower Sunshine Coast reflected the Sunshine Coast CBC (Gibsons-Sechelt) held 4 days previously. Very run-of-the-mill with no highlight species but no glaring misses. There were a record high 58 Hooded Mergansers. Tony Greenfield/compiler.
Pender Islands (incl. Mayne & Saturna) Dec 14
Penticton Dec 15
45 observers in 19 to 24 parties. -2 to 0 C, ponds and oxbows mostly open; snow depth 0-4″, wind south 0-10km, sun and cloud.

Total species: 99. Total individual birds: 21,813.

Pitt Meadows Jan 04 There were 144 participants who recorded a to total of 92 species. Rain was light only in the afternoon. Temps ranged from 3.1 to 8.7 degrees.
Port Alberni Dec 28
19 participants reported 81 species. Rain was heavy throughout the day with temperatures of 4 to 5 degrees.
Port Clements Dec 15
Powell River Dec 14
Rain was light throughout the count with temperatures ranging between 3 and 6.7 degrees. 16 participants reported 79 species.
Prince George Dec 15
The roads were decent—most of them had been cleared.  The temperature hung around -7°C to -8°C  and the sun came out in the afternoon.       
We had 49 species which is slightly above the 10 year average of 47 and 7654 total birds which is the third lowest count in the last 10 years.  There were no crossbills, no Pine Siskins, very few redpolls or grosbeaks and less than a third of the Bohemian Waxwings that we had last year.  However, had we seen the same number of waxwings as last year, this would have been one of the higher CBC counts.   
There were a few highlights.  Eleven Wood Ducks were a surprise.  There had only been two previous records of one and two birds.  Bald Eagle numbers continue to increase—145 was another all time high count.  A Northern Goshawk and two Red-tailed Hawks were nice finds.  A close encounter with an owl was the highlight for some of the participants.  Two Barred Owls, 1 Northern Pygmy-Owl and a Northern Hawk Owl were seen.  Northern Flickers set another record—127 were seen.  I don’t know if we are double counting some, but there sure seemed to be a lot of them.  Common Ravens also set another high record—912 were seen.  It isn’t a surprise anymore to find some thrushes on the CBC—two robins and a Varied Thrush were spotted this year.  Have a look at the table—overall there were decent numbers of the expected species and it was nice to see the Black-capped Chickadee numbers start to increase after two low years.    
Thank you to everyone who took part out in the field or by watching their feeders and also to the folks at Spruce City Wildlife for letting us use the Fish Hatchery for the tally this year.
Princeton Dec 15
We had 9 participants plus 3 feeder watchers. The day was very overcast with temperatures of -4 to -1 and no snow or rain. Snow depths were 2 to 6 inches and there wasn’t any wind.

We saw a total of 38 species for the day with 3 species for count week for a total of 588 birds. The highlight of the day was finding a Killdeer at the sewage lagoons.  Cathy Lahaie.

Quesnel Dec 29
There were low counts for both species and individual birds this year. Species totalled 41 (average 47) and individual birds totalled 4234.
Highlights:  17 Sharp-tailed Grouse, 1 Rough-legged Hawk, 1 Short-eared Owl, 1 Great Grey Owl, 1 Barred Owl, 2 Blue Jay, 12 Stellar’s Jay, 8 Canada Jay, 1 Spotted Towhee and 4 Rusty Blackbird.Count Week: 1 American Robin and 1 Sharp-shinned Hawk.
Revelstoke Dec 21
Revelstoke CBC was a low count this year with only 37 species and a total of 994 individual birds with heaven rain all day. 15 observers took part. Don Manson.
Rivers Inlet Mouth ?
Rose Spit Dec 15
Rossland-Warfield Dec 15
10 Participants reported 30 species at this years CBC. Conditions were cloudy to partly clear skies with temperatures of -5 to -1 degrees.
Salmon Arm Dec 22 Temperatures ranged from -1 to 4 degrees with local fog throughout the day. 27 participants reported 67 species.
Savona-Walhachin TBA
Shuswap Lake P.P. Dec 15
56 Species (1 during count week) and 2,186 individual birds were recorded. There were 12 participants for the count.
Sidney-South Saltspring Dec 15
Skidegate Inlet TBA
Slocan Lake Dec 28
There were 26 species reported during this years count.
Smithers Dec 29
The Smithers Christmas Bird Count took place on the relatively mild Sunday, Dec 29, 2019. Twenty different parties, comprising 46 people, were out in the count circle from dawn until dusk. An additional 14 people watched feeders within the circle. In total 49 different species and 4,514 individual birds were counted on the day. During count week (3 days either side of the count day) a Merlin and a Ring-necked Pheasant were also seen within the circle.

The most unusual species seen on count day were a Golden Eagle, a Green-winged Teal and one Fox Sparrow. We have never had a Golden Eagle reported before. In addition, it is always exciting for the participants to see a Hawk Owl and a bird cam recorded the presence of a Saw-whet Owl. The number of Eurasian Collared doves has dropped drastically from the 59 reported last year to 2 this year and we assume hawks have been having a feast.

If anyone saw a bird not listed above either on count day or during count week, please call 250-847-9429. The B.V.Naturalists would like to thank all the bird counters and feeder watchers who participated.

Rosamund Pojar

Soda Creek TBA
Sooke Dec 28
Squamish Dec 15 This years count was carried out under cloudy skies with no precipitation. Temperatures ranged between -1 and 1.5 degrees. 24 participants reported 65 species.
Stuix-Tweedsmuir Dec 21 9 participants reported 18 species during this years CBC. Temperatures were -3 to 0 under partly cloudy skies.
Sunshine Coast Dec 14
14th Dec Sunshine Coast 41st CBC:  For the third consecutive year, 88 species, which is below the long-term average (highest 105 species in 2009). Weather was decent but tides were uncooperative so gimmes, Surfbird & Rock Sandpiper, were missed on count day. There were no highlight species but also no glaring misses (other than those above). Red-necked Grebe & Horned Grebe were both present in near record numbers. Black Scoter was represented by a record low single bird. Usually 50-500. Additional 6 species for count-week.  Tony Greenfield/compiler.
Terrace Dec 22
Twenty-two people participated. Nine groups surveyed parts of our count circle and 8 more watched feeders. They found 39 species on count day and 3 more during count week.  There was a total of 2581 individual birds.

We had high numbers for Stellers Jay (106), Eurasian Collared Dove (68), Northern Flicker (51), and Pacific Wren (10). We didn’t get many waterfowl probably because we had no access to the Sewage Treatment Plant and no counters living at the lake. We also missed quite a few species (blackbirds, gulls) that were numerous at the refuse sites which are now closed. Only 18 Bald Eagles were spotted, quite a change from the 246 we saw in 2012. Other birds that show up from time to time were completely absent this year (Rock Pigeon, Bohemian Waxwing, Common Redpoll, Crossbills, Owls and Northern Shrike).

Interesting birds: White-throated Sparrow and American Three-toed Woodpecker. Anna’s Hummingbird.

Diane Weismiller.

Tlell Dec 20
Trail-Beaver Valley
Tumbler Ridge TBA
Vancouver Dec 14
Jan O4 Update!
A late report of a Snowy Owl, seen and photographed on count day, has been accepted. The species total now stands at 126, and the bird as a highlight.Weather conditions were good, ranging from cloudy with some clear patches in the morning to broken clouds and partly sunny in the afternoon. There was no precipitation, winds were light at 6-9 km/h. and visibility was very good for the coastal portions.The species total stands at 125, surpassing last year’s 121 species. Thanks to all who made this a very successful day!Winter finches and grosbeaks were in short supply with modest numbers of Pine Siskins and no Common Redpolls, Pine Grosbeaks or Evening Grosbeaks reported. Red Crossbills were reported from only one area. Tides were high throughout the day thus little or no sandy shore or mudflats were exposed, accounting for low numbers of Dunlin (1 from Iona!) and the lack of Black-bellied Plover and Sanderling.Some highlights:Sooty Grouse -1
Herring Gull – 8
Marbled Murrelet – 11
Black Turnstone – 2
Mourning Dove – 6
Great Horned Owl – 1
Sandhill Crane- 4
Spotted Sandpiper – 1
Townsend’s Solitaire – 1
Orange-crowned Warbler – 1
Townsend’s Warbler – 2
White-throated Sparrow – 2
Vaseux Lake Dec 21
17 Observers in 9 to 12 parties; 52-25 party hours. Wind calm; 3 to 5 C; cloudy, wind variable, 0-15 Kph, light rain in afternoon; 0-5″ of snow on ground. Vaseux Lake open.

Species: 83. Individual birds: 7422

Vernon Dec 15 Vernon: 15 Dec 2019. 96 Species. The “Bird of the Count” were 2 American Three-toed Woodpeckers, which are of course resident in the mountains but very seldom seen on counts.
Chris Siddle.
Victoria Dec 14
Despite (mostly) decent weather and an incredible team of counters, the Victoria Christmas Bird Count may have had its lowest species count since 2007. The total was 135.

Highlights include the CBC’s fifth ever Red-throated Pipit, at least according to the historical information on the Audubon site. Other species of note include Rusty Blackbird, American Tree Sparrow (in two locations) and Palm Warbler.

Misses among our regulars include Brant, Ring-necked Pheasant, Sanderling, Barn Owl, Western Screech Owl, Northern Saw-whet Owl, Sky Lark and Evening Grosbeak.

Perhaps most shocking was the number of zones that reported missing Canada Goose!

Thanks to everyone who got out yesterday to participate, many of whom are up again to do the Sidney/South Salt Spring count this morning! Much appreciation to the zone leaders, who make one of the largest teams of field counters possible. (BTW, Victoria had the highest number of field counters for the CBC last year with 285. I suspect that this year’s numbers may be a bit lower.

Ann Nightingale

Wells & Bowron Lakes Dec 27 19 Species and 352 individual birds were recorded. There were 2 species during count week.
Whistler Dec 14
Conditions at Whistler for this years count were under clear to partly cloudy skies. Temperatures ranged from -1 to 2 degrees. 19 participants reported 36 species.
White Rock Dec 28 After last year’s absolute soaker of a count, 2019 presented counters with a dry, but overcast day with the rain holding off until the very late afternoon. Highlights included the 1000’s of gulls feasting on anchovies schooling off White Rock Pier; a Common Yellowthroat at Mud Bay; a White-throated Sparrow, and a Gyr Falcon at Serpentine Fen. The post-count total was 124 species with some areas still to report.
Williams Lake Dec 15 There were 33 participants for this years count. Reported were 51 species. Weather ranged from cloudy to partly cloudy. The temperature was -7 degrees.
Yalakom Valley TBA 12 participants reported 31 species. The count took place with light snow in the am and light rain in the pm portion. 12 participants reported 31 species.
Yoho National Park Dec 14 5 Participated in this years count reporting 11 species. The count took place with cloudy skies and light snow. Temperatures ranged between -4 and -1 degrees.

Updated February 28, 2020.

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