119th CBC Results – as we receive them

Provisional Results 119th Christmas Bird Count
December 14, 2018 to January 5, 2019

We will post results here as we receive them. If your count has taken place, we’d be happy to post your results. Please leave the count name, species count, highlight species and any additional information you wish to include in the Leave a Reply box at the bottom of this table.

You will find the dates, locations, and contact information for this season’s counts here.

Count Name


Provisional Results

100 Mile House ?
Abbotsford-Mission Dec 28
Apex-Hedley ?
Cache Creek
Dec 22
Bamfield Dec 14
Bella Coola Dec  16
Big White Dec  23
Bridesville ?
Bridge Lake Dec 15
Broughton Strait Dec 22
Burns Lake-Francois Lake  
Cache Creek  
Campbell River Dec 30
Castlegar Jan 02
Chilliwack Dec 15
Comox Dec 16
Cortes Island ?
Cranbrook Dec 29 17 field counters and 15 feeder watchers recorded 42 species (a bit below average). The weather was unusually warm reaching a high of 5 C with mixed rain and snow, and blustery winds in the afternoon. Record high counts for Common Goldeneye (89), Eurasian Collared-Dove (10), Northern Flicker, Dark-eyed Junco (124), Pine Siskin (416), and American Goldfinch (66) which is 22 times higher than our average. Big misses were Clark’s Nutcracker (first zero, but seen in count week), Steller’s Jay, Northern Pygmy-Owl, White-breasted Nuthatch, Common Redpoll, and Evening Grosbeak.
Creston Valley Dec 27
D’Arcy-Birken Dec 18
Dawson Creek Jan 05
Thirteen participants tallied 2867 birds of 26 different species. Although the total number of individual birds was slightly below the long-term average, the number of species was tied for the second highest ever for this count. It is likely that the relatively mild winter thus far has encouraged some birds to remain in the area rather than migrating south. Some highlights include a Short-eared Owl (tallied for the first time on count day) and a Steller’s Jay (normally found in the mountains and westward, but several have been seen in the Peace region this fall & winter); also, the highest ever totals for White-breasted Nuthatch and European Starling. The most abundant bird on this year’s count was (fittingly) the Common Raven. The biggest ‘miss’ of the day was Evening Grosbeak (historically found on 74% of Dawson Creek counts). They are known to be in the area – a couple flocks were reported from outside the count circle – but none were found during the count. A Snowy Owl was also seen just outside the official counting area.

Results are as follows: Bald Eagle – 1; Ruffed Grouse – 8; Sharp-tailed Grouse – 8; Rock Pigeon – 281; Eurasian Collared Dove – 5; Short-eared Owl – 1; Downy Woodpecker – 12; Hairy Woodpecker – 13; Canada Jay – 10; Steller’s Jay – 1; Blue Jay – 43; Black-billed Magpie – 213; Common Raven – 847; Black-capped Chickadee – 268; Boreal Chickadee – 1; Red-breasted Nuthatch – 2; White-breasted Nuthatch – 13; Northern Shrike – 2: European Starling – 114; Bohemian Waxwing – 140; Snow Bunting – 60; Pine Grosbeak – 54; White-winged Crossbill – 6; Common Redpoll – 269; Hoary Redpoll – 12; House Sparrow – 483; total individuals – 2867; total species – 26.

Deep Bay Dec 20
Duncan Jan 01
Edgewood ?
Fauquier ?
Fernie Dec 18
Galiano-North Saltspring Dec 16
Golden Dec 27
Grand Forks Dec 22
Greater Masset Dec 27
Harrison River Dec 18
Harrop–Balfour Dec 15
Hat Creek Dec 27
Hecate Strait ?
Juan de Fuca
Kamloops Dec 16
Kaslo Dec 30
Kelowna Dec 15
Kimberley Jan 05
Kingfisher ?
Kitimat Dec 15
Ladner Dec 22
Lake Country Dec 14


Lake Windermere District Dec 26
Langara Island
Lardeau Dec 27
Lasqueti Island Dec 30
Lillooet Dec 26
Little R.-Powell R. Ferry Dec 30
Logan Lake Dec 21
Lower Howe Sound Dec 30
McBride Dec 16 Count day temperatures hovered around zero. A very windy and mostly cloudy day with the sun breaking through for a period in the afternoon. There were 4 observers in the field and 23 feeder watchers. Our total of 24 species was a record low. Highlight species were White-winged Crossbills, a White-crowned Sparrow, Barred Owl, and an American Dipper. Missing were hawks and the large Starling flock. Hopefully we can attract a few more field observers for next year.
Merritt Dec 16
30 participants. Weather was good – relatively calm and around 0C. The open water on Nicola Lake made our waterfowl count somewhat higher than normal. Total 62 species (just above average) plus additional 6 count week. Highlights – 4 new species to the count area: Gr WF Goose, Red-breasted Merganser, No. Shoveler and Swamp Sparrow plus new count week Ring-billed Gull. Record high counts for BC Chickadee, Pine Siskin and DE Junco. Big misses were Mourning Dove (first zero in 20 counts) and Pygmy Nuthatch (seen in count week). For the full details and photos go to:
Naden Harbour
Nakusp Dec 30

Nanaimo Dec 29


Nanoose Bay/Lantzville Dec 14
Narcosli Dec 30
Nelson Jan 05
Oliver-Osoyoos Dec 29
Parksville-Qualicum Beach Dec 16
Peachland Dec 27
Pemberton-Mt. Currie Dec 18
Pender Harbour Dec 19
Pender Islands (incl. Mayne & Saturna) Dec 15
Penticton Dec 16
The count was held under reasonable but not ideal conditions—high winds in some areas and light misty rain.  A total of 96 species were tallied.  Highlights :  Greater White-fronted Goose & two Snow Geese on Trout Creek Point (Robyn de Young); Harlequin Duck on Okanagan River at Green Mtn. Road bridge (Michael Bezener); Peregrine Falcon along lakeshore between Penticton & Trout Creek (Eric Newton); Mew Gull, Skaha Lake Marina (Kirk Safford); Mountain Bluebird, east side Skaha Lake (Kirk Safford), Golden-crowned Sparrow, Yacht Club/Esplanade (Dick Cannings); White-throated Sparrows, Yacht Club/Esplanade (Kalin Ocana).
Pitt Meadows Jan 05
Port Alberni Dec 29
Port Clements Dec 19
Powell River ?
Prince George Dec 16
Princeton Dec 16
Quesnel Dec 23
46 species (av 48). Highlights – 5 Trumpeter Swan, Great Blue Heron, Northern Harrier, Great Grey Owl, Barred Owl, White-breasted Nuthatch, 2 Golden-crowned Kinglet, 2 American Robin, 2 White-crowned Sparrow, Spotted Towhee, 5 Purple Finch. Lowlights – No Red-winged Blackbird, no Pine Grosbeak, only 4 House Finch (typically 100+), no Red Crossbill, no White-winged Crossbill, only 2 Evening Grosbeak.
Revelstoke Dec 15
Revelstoke Christmas December 15,2018. We had 20 people take part in 5c weather with sun and cloud. Species seen 44 and 3 for count week. Rarities where the Black-legged kittiwake, Snow goose, and a Blue jay.
Rivers Inlet Mouth ?
Rose Spit ?
Rossland-Warfield Dec 15
Salmon Arm Dec 16
Savona-Walhachin Dec 23
Shuswap Lake P.P. Dec 29
Sidney-South Saltspring Dec 16
Skidegate Inlet Dec 30
Slocan Lake Dec 29
Smithers Dec 30
Soda Creek Dec 22
Sooke Dec 30
Squamish Dec 15
Stuix-Tweedsmuir Dec 21
Sunshine Coast Dec 15
Terrace Dec 30
Tlell Dec 17
Trail-Beaver Valley
Tumbler Ridge ?
Vancouver Dec 16
The day began with overcast skies and a stiff E/SE wind, but the rain held off until near noon. Because of the wind and sea conditions, the team for area Y (English Bay) was not able to get out on the boat as usual.
The preliminary species total stands at 120 for the day, with several groups yet to report as of Dec. 30. The official total last year was 122 species.Notable or unusual sightings: Eared Grebe (2 off Stanley Park), Snowy Owl (1 or possibly 2 at YVR), Western Sandpiper (1 at Iona Is.), California Scrub-Jay (on Musqueam lands), Barn Swallow (2 at Iona Is.) and a Mandarin Duck of dubious provenance (Burnaby).
Notably absent from the list this year are Killdeer, Hutton’s Vireo, winter finches, any species of warbler and Red Crossbill.
Vaseux Lake Dec 22
The count was held under ideal conditions—temperatures around zero, very little wind and most water bodies open.  A total of 90 species were reported.  Rarities includes a Pacific Loon , Lincoln’s Sparrow, and Harris’s Sparrow.  Three Peregrine Falcons was a high count, as was a total of 47 Wood Duck in the south end of the circle.  Also high was a total of 240 Barrow’s Goldeneyes on the Okanagan River. A pattern of high junco numbers, including many at high elevations, was similar to that found on the Penticton count.
Vernon Dec 16 Here are the preliminary results. We recorded 90 species and almost 24,000 birds. California Quail, Northern Flicker, & Black-capped Chickadee were seen by all parties. The top 3 most abundant species were European Starling, Canada Goose, and Mallard. Highlights were Say’s Phoebe, Golden-crowned Sparrow, Anna’s Hummingbird, and Canyon Wren. High counts were recorded for American Robins (763), and Northern Shrike (10). This year’s misses were American dipper, Wild Turkey, Brown Creeper, and Common Redpoll.
Victoria Dec 15
Despite winds that kept two of our three boats off the water, we had a good count. Species count 144, approximate number of individuals 75,000.  Highlights include: Palm Warbler; Bonaparte’s Gull; Rusty Blackbird; Northern Mockingbird; Band-tailed Pigeon; Winter Wren; Ring-billed Gull; and Marbled Godwit. Record numbers of Turkey Vulture, Common Raven, Swamp Sparrow, Rusty Blackbird, Gadwall,  Cackling, Greater White-fronted and Snow Geese were tallied.
Wells & Bowron Lakes Dec 28
Whistler Dec 14
White Rock Dec 29
Williams Lake Dec 16
Yalakom Valley Jan  01
Yoho National Park

Updated December 23, 2018

One response to “119th CBC Results – as we receive them

  1. Derrick Marven

    Duncan Count 112 species with 6 more species for count week. 20,463 individuals which was down about 20% from our average. 37 counters in the field and 11 feeder watchers. It was very cold with clouds all day, no precipitation at all.
    First for the count Bohemian Waxwing and several other very good birds: Golden Eagle,Northern Mockingbird, Palm Warbler, American Tree Sparrow

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